Billie Lourd Speaks on Carrie's Legacy

Billie Lourd speaks about Carries return in The Rise of Skywalker.With The Rise of Skywalker now digitally released early by Disney and the full release coming in the next few weeks we have been given some more information and goodies about what is going to be coming from the movie in form of extras and bonus content. We will be getting a feature-length documentary that showcases the entire saga and its creation. Good Morning America had a special sneak peek into how Billie continued her mothers legacy by being the stand in for some of the scenes Carrie was portrayed in.

In the clip Billie says that being able to include Carrie as Leia was "Literally like a gift from her," joking that it was like her mother was "forcing her to maker her the star of the movie." The clip going into Leia's Jedi training alongside with some behind the scenes of how Lourd stepped into her mothers shoes to shoot some of the scenes.

Alongside showing Billie talking about her mother, the clip shows how the filmmakers make the movie and how they went to every effort to bring together recycled footage from The Force Awakens(2015) to bring our beloved Princess to the Silver screen for one last time through the magic of film making. We will all be able to see 'The Skywalker Legacy' when it comes home on March 31.

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