Mark Hamill Can't Imagine His Life Without Star Wars

Mark Hamill is beloved by many for his role as Luke Skywalker. In an interview he said he could not imagine his life without Star Wars.

An untold number of fans who first watched wide-eyed, opened-jawed as "It is a period of civil war ..." crawled across the screen, experienced a life-changing event. From that moment on, the Star Wars Universe intertwined itself into the very fabric of each fan's life from catchphrases, "I have a bad feeling about this." to Death Star bed sheets. Life would never be the same for the fans of Star Wars or for Mark Hamill.

You know, I heard someone ask George Harrison years after the Beatles broke up, ‘What was it like being in the Beatles?’ and he said, ‘What was it like not being in the Beatles?’ That’s all he knew, and I totally relate to that. I’m not trying to compare myself to the Beatles in any way, but in terms of being swept up in it and being such a part of the fabric of your life, I don’t know. I can’t imagine [my life] without it. -Mark Hamill
Hamill went on to say that his favorite of the original trilogy is Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back.

In ‘Star Wars,’ before we knew we could make sequels, you had to tie it up neatly at the end and everybody is happy. And act two, like in any three act play, terrible things happen to the protagonists. There’s terrible setbacks and twists and revelations. It had a spiritual, cerebral element to it that the earlier film didn’t. Because of Yoda, because of an amazing twist ending, I think I favor that one. -Mark Hamill

 Mark Hamill also spoke about Carrie Fisher's death and how he is still in disbelief over her passing. They filmed Episode VIII, The Last Jedi together before her death in December 2016. Hamill observed, "She's wonderful in The Last Jedi ..."