New Details for Star Wars Disney+ Series for Europe

Disney+ is set to come out across Europe March 24th.

Disney+ is set to have its launch in parts of Europe March 24th bringing the long awaited originals featured on the platform to more screens around the world. Many people have been wondering if the shows, like The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars, who's episodes have already been released in regions where Disney+ is launched will have all current episodes that have been released in a weekly manner or all at once.

Today we got that answer and it is a little of both. Each of the Shows will air their first two episodes at launch and then a subsequent episode of each show airing on Friday, March 27th and then going down to only one episode per week.

Disney released the following information:

“The Mandalorian”
To celebrate the launch of Disney+, we are pleased to launch with two episodes of The Mandalorian on 24th March, with Episode 3 being released on Friday 27th March.

 “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”
The final season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” will be available exclusively on Disney+.  At launch episodes one and two will be available. Two episodes will be released every Friday, from Friday 27th March.
Then, from Friday 17th April, one episode will be released weekly, in line with the US. This is to ensure fans can watch together around the world.