Should Star Wars Celebration be Delayed or Canceled?

By Clarice Taylor

Rising Concerns regarding Covid-19 may lead to Celebration being delayed or entirely cancelled.

Star Wars Celebration is the annual or bi-annual event where thousands of fans come together to celebrate the galaxy far far away. This year, our celebration may be in jeopardy. We are now facing a global pandemic and there have been rising concerns about the safety of fans, we have already seen most major event until June 2020 be canceled, rescheduled, or delayed indefinitely. Will Star Wars Celebration be the next convention to be affected by covid-19?

E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) has already been canceled for this year, along with most major sporting events, the 2020 Olympics is up in the air and the NBA has been put on hiatus. Star Wars Celebration may be the next Con to be delayed indefinitely to keep fans alike safe in this time of uncertainty. I surly hope this comes to an end soon so the world can continue and Celebration 2020 which is slated to happen in August could be delayed.

Now, I hope that this is not something that happens but it is defiant concern to a lot of folks out there and I am sure that I am not the only one who is wondering if Star Wars Celebration will happen this year. 
We luckily, have not heard anything as of yet from Disney about moving the convention out into the autumn will happen but I am sure there are discussions taking place behind closed doors talking about this exact thing. We do not know what will happen but I think it is time to start discussing our summer plans and if they will or even should change. We here at Culture Slate will keep an eye out and will update you if anything comes out from Disney Regarding Celebration 2020.