SPOILERS: Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Gone with a Trace" Review

By Clarice Taylor

Ahsoka is back finally, after 7 years. In the Episode 'Gone with a Trace' Ahsoka finds herself deep in the underworld beneath Coruscant.

The long wait for the conclusion of Clone Wars is here. We are now wrapped up with the "Bad Batch" arc and now we are diving into Ashoka's story arc. Our Episode starts with Asokha falling down into the underworld after exploded mid flight while she was fleeing the Republic Guard.

Ahsoka finds herself traveling alone when her bike shorts out, causing her to fall into underworld. Level 1313, the lower levels of Coruscant; where it is survival of the fittest, where there are no rules and you must fight to survive. This is where she finds Trace Martez a young pilot that is fighting her was through the rough work of the underworld. Trace, a pilot and engineer is confronted by thugs that are after payment from her sister Rafa.

Since Rafa was not there Trace has to face the thug alone. Ahsoka, instructed to stay out of the fight jumps in right at the last moment showcasing her fighting abilities defeating the thugs saving Trace.

From there Rafa agrees to work on some droids from a shady seeming owner. While working on the droids Ashoka warns trace of the danger of these droids, pointing out they are defective and used for demolition. During their conversation. One of the droids are activated without its restraining bolt, leading to the droid escaping the workshop and running through the streets wrecking railings, buildings and endangering people. Ashoka and Trace chasing after the droid finally disabling it.

Trace ends up falling over the side when the droid falls down off the building it had climbed. Ahsoka thinking fast attaches the safety to a nearby pipe, unfortunately that does not work and she has to reveal herself to be a force user to save trace. After saving Trace we find out that Rafa had continued the sale of the defective droids and paid off their debts.

The animation in the episode is great. Every scene is well lit and jaw dropping. The way the animation builds the world and when paired with the music and dialog, it makes the whole package complete. I have been awed this season with the last few episodes how good the show looks. Shows you that 7 years of technological advances will do to a revived TV show!

For those of you who have either not seen or don't remember, the character of Trace was originally going to be a character by the name of Nyx, who was originally going to appear in season 7 before it was canceled back in 2013. He has never appeared in any projects so far, but it was confirmed that Nyx and Ahsoka were going to be canon. Now with the change to Trace, from the beginning I sensed the same type of relationship forming. As someone who is LGBT I am excited at the prospects of another queer on screen relationship in Star Wars canon. Representation is important, and I applaud Disney for their steps to be more inclusive in their movies and TV shows.

This is the first of four episodes in the arc of the show. I can not wait to see what happens next Friday. I am especially excited to see the final conclusion to Ahsoka's story in The Clone Wars.Make sure to subscribe to Culture Slate for more updates as we follow this story!

Make sure to subscribe to Culture Slate for more updates!