Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure Season 2 Premiers. New Trailer Revealed.

Star Wars is as alive as ever in 2020. With the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga behind us Disney is going full force with new Star Wars content on a weekly basic, rather it is through new comics, the revival of Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 on Disney+ and more. Premiering tomorrow we will welcome season 2 of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure on YouTube Kids.

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure is a series of shorts that highlight specific moments in the Star Wars franchise across the movies and Tv shows. This is intended to re-introduce the Star Wars story for younger children and long time fans alike. The first season specifically highlighted moments from the original saga and prequels. This time around they will be focusing on the sequel trilogy of stories in a child friendly manner.
The show is depicted in a lighthearted cartoonish manner with stylistic animation that is safe of all ages. Adam Waugh, the president of Lucasfilms Story Group, wanted these mini-episodes to wrap up and strengthen the characters that are portrayed in the sequel trilogy. The intention is to dive deeper into their characters and showcase different aspects of the characters that may have not been shown before.
Rose Tico unfortunately will not receive a full short this season but we are sure that she will in the coming season, however one of things that has been promised is a full mini-episode featuring our beloved Princess, Leia.

She's the core of the franchise in so many ways. The cool thing about Leia short is it shows over the generations how her leadership has inspired so many people, building to that moment in Episode VII where it's time for her to pass the torch to Poe. That's the way we approach all of these stories: it has to have some substance and reflect values that kids can be inspired by.

We can not wait to see what is in store for this season of Galaxys of Adventure. We will keep you updated on everything that comes out in the coming weeks from this season and more. I do wonder when we will have a baby Yoda episode though?