This "The Mandolorian" Theory Suggests Moff Gideon Is a Dark Jedi

We are months away from "The Mandalorian" but that hasn't stopped fand from coming up with theories about the darksaber and what it's role will be in season 2.

We were all shocked at the season finale of "The Mandalorian" when Moff Gideon pulled out the Darksaber sending fans into a frenzy trying to figure out what this might mean for season 2 of "The Mandalorian". Since we are all clawing for any crumb of chicky nuggies that might reveal more about baby Yoda and Mando adding the darksaber lore into it has sent fans theorizing about what this might mean.

Remember the absolutely terrifying weapon that Moff Gideon pulled out in the final shots of Mandalorian? Yeah, that menacing weapon is called the darksaber; originally featured in the animated The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels TV shows in the past. And if you have seen the shows you know that the darksaber is a Mandalorian weapon.

According to Star Wars lore the darksaber belonged to the very first Mandalorian inducted into the Jedi order around 1019 BBY. Its creator, Tarre Vizsla created it to symbolize the house of Mandalore.

So, if the weapon was made and owned by a Mandalorian how the hell did Gideon end up with it? Many believe that he obtained it during the massacre of Mandalore, and according to the episode that's all we can really go off of. The saber was held in the protection of the Jedi order until it was stolen by The Sith in the Clone Wars era, and eventually reclaimed by Sabine Wren.

So if Moff Gideon has the saber that must mean that he was there during the massacre of Mandalore and he was the one who claimed the saber for himself. And does this mean he is force sensitive? We know that baby Yoda has used The Force., and we already know Ahsoka will be in season two so will we see a faceoff between Ahsoka and Gideon? Will Ahsoka be the next owner of the darksaber?