Watch: The Rise of Skywalker's Exciting Pasaana Chase Scene

By Clarice Taylor

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has many scenes that awed fans from all over. Below we have a behind the scenes look into the thrilling Pasanna Scene. 

Over the last few days and weeks we have gotten to see behind the scenes from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The new movie has been has now been released digitally on Amazon, Google Play, ITunes, YouTube, and Vudu for purchase and will be made available for physical purchase on March 31st. 

The behind the scenes clip below is from the upcoming documentary 'The Skywalker Legacy. The feture-length documentary taking a deep dive into the making of The Rise of Skywalker. The Clip below, originally posted on the Star Wars Youtube and shared on StarWars.comsecond unit director Victoria Mahoney shares with fans the making of the exciting Pasanna chase scene, where Rey, Poe, Finn and BB-8 have to escape First Order troops who are chasing them through the desert.

We can't wait to see The Skywalker Legacy(released as bonus material for the 4K The Rise of Skywalker Blu-ray) when it is released on March 31st.