Why Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is the best film of all time

By Clarice Taylor

This is going to be a fire post I am sure of it. So I am here to share my personal opinion on why I love The Rise of Skywalker and why I personally think it is the best film of all time.
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The Opening

From the get go, the very first scene with Kylo on Mustafar is just visually beautiful, it shows the state of his character is in the first few seconds of the film. He is vicious, ruthless, and willing to go through anything to get what he wants, Palpatine. From there he confronts the Emperor himself, also immediately showing where he has been, giving backstory and setting up the rest of the film. From this, we get a clue about Reys lineage but not given instant gratification of them flat out telling us who she is, we must wait for that. The following scenes show where Poe, Fin, BB-8 are and where they are at the beginning of the film, being hunted down by The First Order. With stunning visuals, light speed skipping, which not only was visually stunning but now has added something new to the film and franchise itself, it also holds true to the nature of Poe, a gutsy pilot willing to push himself and the Falcon to its limits. 
Next we see Rey, Opening up seeing her floating meditating in the force while she is trying to reach out to the ones who came before her. Followed by a fast paced scene with her training which is what we all wanted from The Last Jedi, but instead of Luke training her, Leia does. Mind you all of this happens in the First 5 minutes, on my first viewing I was thrusted into a fast paced ride and was ready for more to come.

I will note, me and my friends from the Star Wars Underworld Podcast did a multi-hour podcast going in depth from out first viewing so if you want to listen to that here yah go:

I don't want to go over every single second of the film because I can't spend the next ten hours explaining this to y'all but I will go over key elements of Who I love this movie over any other movie I have seen. For context my top 5 favorite films are:
1.) The Rise of Skywalker
2.) Joker
3.) The Dark Knight
4.) Empire Strikes Back
5.) Inception

My list goes on to include other beloved films as well but this isn't about that.

Rey Palpatine

This is probably going to get me a lot of hate n the comments but here we go. Rey being a descendant of Palpatine is genius. It is also the only outcome that makes sense and ties the entire 9 Saga franchise together.

Okay, let me explain. The entire Skywalker Saga is about The fight between the Skywalkers Vs. The Palpatines right? From the very beginning of Episode I we are set up with Sheev Palpatine manipulating the Galactic Republic. When Anakin, a boy that came from nothing, being the Chosen One was thrown into the mix the Story was set up to pit these two against one another. Throughout Episode I and Episode II we see Palpatine befriending, manipulating, and influencing Anakin to make him trust him no matter what. He is there for Anakin when his mother died, when they refused to make him a Jedi Master, and was there ultimately the one who told him how he would save Padmé from dying. In the Clone Wars we see Sheev council Anakin many times and when we throw the comics and books into the mix we see Palpatines many manipulations towards Anakin Skywalker.

There is a fan theory that I really enjoy thinking about and when you look at the whole Saga through this lens you may be able to see what I am talking about and this all make a lot more sense. Though this is not confirmed by Lucasfilm I like to think that this is the most probable reasoning for this. Anakin was created by Palpatine so Palpatine could poses his body.

In The Rise of Skywalker is is revealed that palpatines plan was to allow Rey to murder the Emperor so his soul could pass into her body and then she could be the Emperor in this, he would be able to continue on living in a sense through her. Now, if we apply this to Sheevs story about Darth Plaguies The Wise in Episode III, which is that Palpatine killed him after learning the power to keep others from dying. Then assume that even though Plaguies was asleep the same effect would take place, and then take Darth Revans The Rule of Two, which states that there shall only be a Sith Master and their Apprentice we can elude to the idea that the reason for the rule of two is so the Sith lineage can live on, as Master lives on through their apprentice after they, kill their Master. I know this is a tad dark to think of but it makes sense.

Now getting back to Anakin, He was created supposedly through the force because his unnatural midi-chlorian count. Well, what if Palpatine had some influence in this, and even if he didn't the force brings the galaxy together in weird ways, Anakin is the chosen one right?

Okay, bare with me for this one as this is a very old Legends theory Palpatines plan was to use Anakin as a vessel. His plan from the moment he met little Ani was to train him as his apprentice and then have him kill Sheev in order for Palpatine to poses his body or transfer into his force energy, just like he told he was going to do when Rey strikes him down. Now, this I believe was Sheevs plan with Anakin, but because he lost to Obi-Wan in Episode III and was so badly injured Palpatine abandoned his plan to transfer his spirit to Anakin and then instead move onward to do it to his son, but when he refused he murdered them trying to instead get to Rey. Luckily for us, Rey is left of Jakku away from the reach from her grandfather.

The reason this is important is it Ties the Palpatines and the Skywalkers together from the very beginning. This is also the reason why Ben Solo(Skywalker) is so important and the bond between Rey and Ben is so strong. Yes, I know that Palpatine used his powers to manipulate the two of them so they could talk to each other and see each other in The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker(which on a cinematic level was really cool).

Rey is the Chosen One

Okay, Now to move on since I have explained why Palpatine wanted Anakin and his attempts at immortality. Rey is the Chosen One, and so is Anakin, and Luke, and even so is Ben. Remember Anakin was supposed to defeat the Dark side and the Sith and destroy them forever. Well, instead he fell to the dark side, aided the genocide of the Jedi, and laid waste to the entire Galaxy, or did he?

This is true but also not. Yes, he did all those things but he also was redeemed in Episode VI and became a force ghost, and at the climax of The Rise of Skywalker the line everyone quotes is "I am all of the Sith. And I am all of the Jedi" 'All of the Jedi ' means Anakin too. Okay, So Anakin was murdered by Darth Vader in Episode III. He is redeemed again in Episode VI. The Skywalker legacy lives on In Ben Solo(He is also a Skywalker). So when Rey and Palpatine are facing off in the thrown room Anakin Skywalker, along with every other Jedi is living and fighting through Rey and every Sith, is fighting against Rey through Palpatine, this including Revan, Vader, Maul, Dooku and so on. 
The only thing that can defeat pure evil is pure good. So if Rey is all of the Jedi and Sheev is all of the Sith they cancel each other out and we know already that Anakin was supposed to be the Catalyst to the end of the Sith for good. Which means that Anakin did finally bring balance to the force in the end by using Rey as a vessel, which is exactly what Sheev wanted to use Rey for. Also, it is really poetic that the one who Ultimately defeats Palpatine is a Palpatine. Which is the whole reason that she must be a palpatine. Remember the whole saga is about the struggle between these two family lineages and the resolution is Rey and Ben becoming One with the Force. 

When Ben Solo dies we see him, along with Leia become one with the force and disappear, meaning that they both are part of Rey, because she is all of the Jedi, which they both are. So how poetic that the bloodline of Skywalker meets the bloodline of Palpatine, which when tied together makes Rey whole again. We see in the final scene with Ben and Rey are holding each other and she is wearing all white with dark shoes and he is wearing all black and his face is showing, this is the imagery of Yin and yang, which signifies balance. Rey is the descendant of Palpatine, who is pure evil and Ben is a descendant of Anakin, who is pure good. Together they make the perfect pair, two sides of the same coin, One with The Force. Balance.

Rey being a Palpatine is a must because with out this the whole saga makes no sense. I know a lot of people like the idea of her coming from nothing and thats what makes her special but here is the thing. If you throw out your lineage and deny your 'Destiney' like she did by turning against Palpatine, in doing this creating her own self and becoming new again, which also means she is no longer a palpatine. She then takes up the mantle of Skywalker, not only does this really show who she is, a Jedi. This shows that evil has finally been defeated and she will live on carrying the mantle of her true family. Luke and Leia are shown alongside each other on Tatooine in the final shot of the movie. This is showing who her true family is. Luke and Leia were like her chosen family, her true family. The reason Ben was not there is because his soul lives on through Rey, which also means that she is part Skywalker. 

There is much more to this than what I have written and I am open to discuss below, on facebook, in any other medium that we may find ourselves in but this is just some of the reasons that I love this movie so much. Not only does it tie together all 9 films by thematic symbols, it shows why things in each trilogy happened, how they work together and how it all goers together as a saga of films. Remember Star Wars has always been a story about family bonds and bloodlines, not having Rey be a palpatine would make no sense. But also, she is a Skywalker because Ben lives within her, meaning so does Luke, Leia, and Anakin. Anakin was said to bring balance to the force and by living through Ben and Rey he achieved that purpose.

What do you think? Most probably won't agree but thats okay, this is my reasoning to why this film is amazing and will probably be my favorite film for years to come.

PS: Rey and Sheev's fighting style is exactly the same but thats an article for another time.


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