5 Months and 50 Million Subscribers: What Will Disney+ Do Next?

On Wednesday, April 8th Disney announced that Disney+ has hit 50 million subscribers in five months. That’s almost six times the population of New York City! Is something in the water? Or does Disney+ know what consumers want?

Before this new release of information, the last we heard from Disney+ about subscribers was that it had 26.5 million back in February. Since then, not only has quarantine caused streaming to go up, but Disney+ has made its premiere in more countries. Though Disney does not want to seem to credit their success to a pandemic. And can you blame them?

In comparison to Netflix, Disney+ has only about a third of the number of subscribers. Still pretty impressive if you remember Disney+ launched in November of last year. Netflix launched its streaming service in 2007, but it didn’t reach 50 million members until 2014. Does Disney+ have Netflix to thank for paving the way in digital content? Or is Disney+ doing something that Netflix isn’t?

The other big name in the market is Hulu, which is owned by Disney and has a measly 30 million subscribers. This may go up due to its package deal with Disney+ and ESPN that is available to consumers. And Amazon Video does have 150 million subscribers, though they are really Prime members who receive the service automatically.

Things are looking up for Disney+, even with the postponing of some production. They recently released the Pixar film Onward on the app, even though it was launched in theaters a month prior. Disney+ could reach 100 million sooner than you think as it expands to more and more countries. One thing is for sure, the mouse has done it again!

Source: BBC