Disney Overhauls Release Calendar, Including Several Marvel Projects

As movie theatres look to remain closed for the foreseeable future, Disney has pushed back many of their upcoming releases, from the likes of 'Indiana Jones 5' and 'Black Widow.'

Whilst 'Black Widow,' which will now open on November 6. 2020 after being delayed last month, many other Marvel Cinematic Universe releases have also been pushed back; 'The Eternals' releases on Feb 12. 2021, 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' on May 7. 2021, 'Doctor Strange 2' on Nov 5. 2021, 'Thor: Love and Thunder' on Feb 18. 2022. Currently still on schedule for release on May 6. 2022 is the much anticipated 'Black Panther 2', furthermore, 'Captain Marvel 2' is set for release on July 8. 2022.

Disney’s sci-fi fantasy film, 'Artemis Fowl', which was due for release next month on May 29. Will be skipping its theatrical release and will be going straight to Disney Plus. This will be Disney’s first film to do this.
This year’s holiday offerings from Disney; 'West Side Story' and 'The Last Dual', will both be keeping their initial release on Dec 18. 2020 and Dec 25. 2020, alike.
The next installment from Disney’s live-action remakes, 'Mulan' has been pushed to back to July 24. 2020, a release date, that was originally occupied by 'Jungle Cruise', starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. 'Jungle Cruise' will now release the following year on July 10. 2021.

Pixar’s latest animated movie 'Soul', is yet to be moved from its current release date of June 19. 2020.

Other Disney projects that have been moved, include, action-comedy 'Free Guy', starring Ryan Reynolds, now releasing on Dec 11. 2020, and 'Bob’s Burgers: The Movie' originally for release on July 17. 2020, moved to April 9. 2021. Both movies from Disney’s 20th Century studio.

Disney’s latest scheduling does give hope that movie theatres could possibly reopen as early as, late summer.