Disney+ Original Star Wars Cuts Were A Prank, But Now Here's The Petition To Make It Real


Thousands of people on the internet fell for a prank post on April 1st stating that Disney+ would be releasing original cuts of the first 3 Star Wars films. Readers of Culture Slate responded to the April Fools joke with various comments, ranging from jovial to irate. But now there's a petition to actually ask Disney+ to release the cuts.

Disney has listened to fans in the past who have signed petitions and written letters. In 2013 the #SaveTheCloneWars campaign was responsible for convincing Disney to bring the cancelled television series to Netflix, and then even to Disney+ with a brand new 7th season.

Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber

Now fans can sign a letter to Disney to ask for the original theatrical cuts of the Star Wars trilogy to be released on Disney+. You can sign the petition below! Make sure to scroll below the form after to see the total signatures and find the link to share!

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