Exclusive Reveal: Indie Devs Create Fantasy RPG like Skyrim and Final Fantasy all in one

Do you love Fantasy RPG’s but looking for something that has the old school final fantasy feel? Then you’ll love Twilight Star: Heart of Eir. We are super excited to show you an exclusive look at some of the shots in the game that has yet to be released! Dragonclaw Studios released the kickstarter for Twilight Star and I had a chance to speak with the lead developer Darinus from  about their new game Heart of Eir, and this game is one of a kind and not only that but so much passion was poured into a game that started off humbly as a hobby. Darinus gave us a sneak peek at never before seen shots of Twilight Star and an exclusive story about the team behind the project.
Twilight Star:Heart of Eir Kickstarter

Heart of Eir is a game about the discovery of Eir's true nature. A journey that is full of despair and sacrifice as Eir sees the world for what it is for the first time. A world corrupted slowly over the last 1000 years where entire villages that were once great kingdoms are now ruins and full of famine. Eir must travel and piece together her destiny for her final trial, the reason for her entire existence on Eathral. While playing Heart of Eir you will encounter many dungeons and trials that will put even the best players to the test. Play without hints to increase the challenge even more. Decide the fate of the characters in your party and control their affinity for the elements. Harness the elements to interact with the world around you; jump higher, swim deeper, walk through fire and explore the world of Eathral. Play tons of side quests and invite the villagers you help to live in your very own village of Narith Atoll where you can collect things from around the world and build a new peaceful and vibrant village of your very own.

      Twilight Star:Heart of Eir Kickstarter

  Heart of Eir has partnered with NVIDIA and Articy:Draft, sponsored by Reallusion Software for CharacterCreation and iClone Animation software as well as working with Fluffy Audio for some of our Sound Libraries. They currently need only a few more backers for their kickstarter! So if you feel this is something you would love to try, click the link below to support this amazing game.

 Meet Lead Dev Darinus:

 “I am Darinus, the lead developer of the DragonClaw team on the Heart of Eir project. I have a strong background in IT and networking and have been into game development as a hobby since I was in Highschool. I started getting more serious about game development after getting to work closer to the developers of some popular Fantasy Survival games and DragonClaw Studios was founded shortly after with the sole intention of developing an amazing AA game. We know were not AAA but we punch far above our weight in the "Indie" gaming world, thats not to say that we dont push ourselves to try and be just a good as many many other indie devs out there, which we get to learn from and work with every day!

 My inspiration comes from a close friend on a development team of a popular Survival Game who pushed for me to start game development as a more serious hobby developing slowing into what is now known as TwilightStar: Heart of Eir, which is our first installment in a series of games residing in the TwilightStar universe which features a Multiplayer TCG and in the future a Fantasy Survival of our very own!” My inspiration comes from a close friend on a development team of a popular Survival Game who pushed for me to start game development as a more serious hobby developing slowing into what is now known as TwilightStar: Heart of Eir, which is our first installment in a series of games residing in the TwilightStar universe which features a Multiplayer TCG and in the future a Fantasy Survival of our very own!

 We want to build as much as possible in house with the team and create as much original content as possible. We are able to do much with our talented team but we need things like software, hardware, Creature designers and animators, building models and cinematics which we will need to hire additional help. Our funding will be used for just that.

 Meet the team behind the Fantasy: 

 Our team works completely remotely from each other. Thus, we rely heavily on the internet for communication and development together. James, our programmer from the west coast of America is one of the most talented C++ programmers I have ever met. He was my mentor in development and keeps this entire team on its toes pushing us to be better. Without him, we wouldn't be delivering some of the complex systems we have to you. Sam from the UK is the Project Manager and a jack of all trades in the engine (there isn't a level he hasn't had a hand in creating) and marketing.

Sam works overtime to keep the game moving and the team motivated, getting new players involved and making sure the world knows about us.

Of course, Nick from Mid America is our Asst Lead Developer and one of the most talented Blueprint Developers I know. He takes the rough... and I mean rough systems that I develop and turns them into something smooth and beautiful. Nick joined about 6 months ago and since then we have smoothed out so many systems that we got put ahead of schedule for a demo. Lastly, on the development team, we have Michail from Russia. He is also a highly talented student on his way into college and has created some of the dungeons you see in-game. Michail has been with us for quite some time as well. Fabri from Brazil is our talented composer, he is responsible for all the beautiful music you hear while playing Heart of Eir. He constantly invests in himself and continually makes more and more beautiful tracks every time. He works hard to establish relationships with Sound Library vendors and without him there would be just silence in Heart of Eir. Then we have Jan from Brazil, who works hand in hand with Fabri to keep our Sound and Effects creation moving. He creates all the mystical and beautiful sounds that fill the air of Eathral. Jan is newer to the team but he has shown a strong passion for making sure that your experience is full of serenity and adventure. Tanner from mid-America is our visual effects artist and has to work closely with these 2 to create some awesome and stunning effects. Tanner has been with DCS since almost the beginning, which feels like years ago!

 Luc from Canada is our a 3D modeling artist and actually goes further back with me than any other member of the team. Luc and I started a small modding duo for other popular games and learned to work hand in hand. All the beautiful weapons and many props you see in Heart of Eir were all modeled by Luc. Along with Luc, we have Tomas from Lithuania, who has been developing some creatures for Heart of Eir. Tomas is a master of creature design and animation. We have so much in store from him for the game! Lien is one of our newest members and she is the 3D modeler and artist behind many of the armor suits and outfits for the game. She is from the east coast of America. Finally on our 3D team is Diana. She is a student studying in the UK and a fantastic modeler. She creates everything from small props to sets of armor. Briony from Wales, is the brains behind the wondrous and beautiful story of Heart of Eir. She is also the voice of Eir, the main character. Her ability to tap into the very souls of our characters to bring out their nature is what gives her the ability to write such an emotional and magical tale. Without the creativity of Briony, there is no Heart of Eir...

 Dashley is our Lead Artist and has been with the team from early on. He is from the Netherlands and designs all the Weapons and much of the UI you see in Heart of Eir. He has a true passion for art. Without Dashley you wouldn't have the awesome weapon designs in-game and who wants to carry around just a rusty sword when you can carry around a work of art! Along with Dash, we have Alessia from Italy. Alessia is responsible for much of the concept artwork you see and design's many of the cards for the Realms card game. She and Dash work together on this and it's quite a bit of work in itself. Everyone one the team plays such an important and key role in the success and development of Heart of Eir. Without each and every one of us, we could never have accomplished what we have for the game. There is so much talent in this team and I am thankful to work beside all each and every one of them.

 The goal and entire reason behind the development of Heart of Eir is to create something awesome and new for the RPG Players of the world but more importantly to give everyone on this team the opportunity of really creating a sustainable studio where they can provide for themselves and their families.

Article by: Amber Hope

Source: https://dragonclawstudios.com/