Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 And Suicide Squad Won't Be Delayed

Over the last few weeks project after project have either been cancelled, delayed, or rescheduled due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. Everything from Marvel movies getting their productions delayed, to video games like The Last of Us Part II getting delayed indefinitely. But good news everyone! James Gunn on twitter announced that the two movies he is working on Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and Suicide Squad will not be delayed their release.
We have already gotten confirmation that Wonder Woman 1984 was getting pushed back from June until August 2020. So many movies other movies have now been delayed because of production strain due to the coronavirus keeping everyone at home and away from work. Fans online have been wondering if Gunn's Suicide Squad, which is set to release August 6,2021 would still hold its place. Gunn Explaining on Twitter that there should not be any changes to this release.
Now, this is not all good news for the productions, according to Gunn there will not be any trailers or promotional imaging to go along with their release anytime soon. The production of these have slowed down and it will take time before we get a look at the new films. Gunn also on twitter stated the following about Guardians 3.
This is very good news for fans of the Marvel cinematic universe. I hope that we don't get any delays with Guardians since it is one of my personal favorites from the MCU. Now, in case you all don't remember this movie has been shifted around before due to Gunn being fired from the project back in 2018 after offensive tweets were brought to the attention of Disney. Eight months later, Gunn as rehired by Disney to helm the movie again. However, this was after Warner Bro's had already hired him to Direct Suicide Squad, so he couldn't start work on Guardians 3 immediately. Gunn says the third installment will be "very different" than others in the series.

Source: Gamespot