Movie Theatre Attendance May Decline After Reopening

I want you to think of the last movie you saw. More than likely it was on a streaming service or a DVD you rented or bought at a discounted rate. It was convenient and you could watch at your pace. Plus, the snacks were a lot cheaper. Besides that point, there is a pandemic that can spread if you don’t distance yourself from the general public. Movie theaters were hit hard when the effects of COVID-19 spread to the U.S. and had to close unexpectedly. Premieres have been postponed and the movie industry has had to stop a lot of films in production. But will it be the same for theaters after we return to life as we know it?
Performance Research has conducted a study asking 1,000 U.S. consumers about their willingness to return to theaters after the pandemic is over, and 49% said it could take a few months to return or they would never return to theaters. An additional 28% said they will attend theaters less often. With the proliferation of streaming services and an uneasy feeling about large public gatherings may spell doom for movie theaters across the U.S.

However, in that same study, 58% said their attendance wouldn’t change and 15% said they would go to theaters even more! Who knows what the actual U.S. population will decide when theaters reopen, but I do think there is something special about seeing films on the big screen that we can’t explain.
During this time of uncertainty, the world has turned to streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ for the content they crave. And I believe they will continue to place their loyalty (and money) in the hands of at-home entertainment long after this is over. Will this mean the end of movie theaters as we know it? The movie industry already adapted to changing consumers once with the addition of luxury seating and unlimited monthly movie passes. Will they have to change yet again? Only time will tell. In the meantime, I will be watching Disney+.

Source: ScreenRant