No Surprise, Streaming is Up Due to Quarantine

With dozens of states on lockdown, unemployment on the rise, and a lack of certainty as to what will happen next, what do people do? Ignore their problems and watch a documentary on Netflix about tigers and meth. Not exactly, but that’s the conclusion I can draw from my Twitter feed.

So which companies are the front runners in all this? Netflix claimed the largest portion of watch time, coming in at 29%. Youtube wasn’t too far behind with 20% of that time. Hulu and Amazon had 10% and 9%, respectively. All other streaming platforms were lumped together for another 31%. To keep this in perspective, Nielsen apparently does not measure outside the U.S. or on devices like laptops or phones.

"Surprised Disney+ didn’t make the top list? This may be due to the fact that they are still more of a specialized platform, only hosting their own content. The results of the study also show that Netflix and Hulu lost about a third of their watch time in competition with the “Other” category. With different streaming platforms on the rise, will Netflix and Hulu continue to fall in watch time? Will “niche” content win over content for the mass public? As long as The Office stays on Netflix, I think they will be just fine.
Source: Hollywood Reporter