Why Solo 2 Is Unlikely To Happen For Disney+, According To The Writer.

No matter how you feel about the Star Wars franchise under Disney's control, rather you are like me who love all the movies that have been made, or you loathe the thought of more movies coming from the galaxy far far away. There is no disputing that the movies have all done very well at the box office. Then there is the case for Solo: A Star Wars Story.
Even though there were talks about about having Alden Ehrenreich returning for future movies, the fact that Solo bombed at the boxoffice shot down almost all chance that the movie would receive a second installation. Even with that said there is a sizable movement online of fans that want to see Solo 2 come to Disney+ as a future project.

Solo Co-writer Jon Kasdan has said that he would like to see Solo 2 come to the silver screen, but has said that the chances of this happening are very slim, saying:

Him mentioning that D+ is packed with Star Wars content, with The Mandalorian season 1 airing last November and with its season 2 return this fall, The Clone Wars season 7 is streaming now, and with the Cassian Andor and Obi-Wan Kenobi series well along its way. There have been talks about even a Star Wars movie coming to the platform in the next couple of years.

One would imagine with people clambering for the Solo 2 project that Disney would be listening and announce they will be working on it but as Kasdan said in a later Tweet that turning Solo 2 into a Disney+ series would be hard to advocate for without intense detailing on the plot and with all the other Star Wars movies and TV shows in the pipeline, which both of those like Solo, would be set in the same time period between Episodes III and IV.
For now, it looks like our hope for the sequel or a TV show has gone down the trash compactor but who knows what is to come in the coming years? Maybe if we all go ahead and raise hell on Twitter we maybe will get the Solo 2 movie or show so many fans are asking for.

There is absolutely no shortage of Star Wars content coming out of the mouse house in the next few years on the big and small screens. We currently don't know the full scope of the projects Disney is working on since the future beyond Obi-Wan is shrouded in secrecy. Regardless, stay tuned in to Culture Slate for the biggest Star Wars news, including if Solo 2's prospects for a sequel ever come to light.