Zach Braff, Donald Faison Are Launching A 'Scrubs' Podcast

Exciting news for those of you who are familiar with the medical comedy 'Scrubs'. The lead actors Zach Braff (Doctor John Dorian aka J.D.) and Donald Fasion have announced that they will be starting a 'Scrubs' themes podcast.

The Podcast will be hosted through iHeartRadio and titled 'Fake Doctors, Read Friends' will dive deep and take listeners behind the scenes of the NBC comedy show.

In Fake Doctors Real friends Zach and Donald will be taking a look back at their time at the nine years they spend shooting and making the show, sharing exclusive behind the scenes moments about what went on around the set from day to day. They will also be doing interviews with former cast members and superfans.

The duo said in an interview:
"Donald and I are thrilled to be teaming with iHeartRadio to produce Fake Doctors, Real Friends With Zach + Donald," Braff said Tuesday in a statement. "The idea of gathering our fans all around the world together and revisiting the series episode by episode sounds like so much fun to us. Each week we’ll tell behind the scenes stories, share experiences from our friendship and have lots of special guests. We’ll also be taking live fan questions over the phone. We can’t wait to laugh with our Scrubs family."Added Faison, "I am really excited about this. It's going to be a lot of fun, and I can't wait to talk to you all about such an important and amazing time in our lives. Get ready and tune in." 

The show was created by Bill Lawrence, Scrubs followed a group of young doctors as they learn how to fight illness and become competent doctors. The show is set at the fictional hospital Sacred Heart. The show aired from 2001-2010 beginning on NBC and ending on ABC in 2010.

The podcast, to pay tribute to the show will feature music created by Charlie Puth and will be performed by Zach and Donald. Finally, in the interview they said:
"We're beyond excited to bring Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach + Donald to the iHeartPodcast Network and to have two of the funniest friends out there take a nostalgic look back into a show that so many people love," said iHeartPodcast Network president Conal Byrne. "Scrubs meant so much to its fans over its nine-season run, and Zach and Donald are allowing us to bring it all back to life with this podcast. Listening to the podcast feels like hanging out with old friends — something everyone needs, especially right now."
I am so pumped for this podcast, as a huge fan of the show. Make sure to like our Facebook page for more updates on this story or anything else that we cover.
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