Avatar Sequel "Legend of Korra" Will Stream On Netflix Next Month

Once again, Avatar fans are given great news in regards to Netflix bringing the Avatar franchise under its wing. While the exciting news of a live-action series is being released, other benefits have shown themselves as well. On May 18th, Netflix added the original series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, to their available shows to stream. This resulted in the show being on the ten most-watched TV series chart on the site. Lasting for two months, this set a record as the longest holding show by having a top ten spot for sixty consecutive days since the introduction of the top ten list in February 2020. The Last Airbender beat the runner-up show, Ozark, by three consecutive days.

Now, Netflix will be making the next move and go on to have the sequel series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, available to stream starting on Friday, August 14th. With such a large reaction from the original series, we can expect the sequel to hold its own as well.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Avatar: The Legend of Korra, originally running from April 2012 to December 2014, follows the next Avatar after Aang's reign ended. Following the Avatar cycle, she comes from the Southern Water Tribe. After a quick introduction of events taken place between the shows, we begin the journey with rebellious teenage Korra mastering her fire element training and getting ready to move on to learn her final element, air. Tenzin, Aang and Katara's son, has been chosen as her master as he is the only adult with the ability to airbend. Due to his responsibilities of representing the Air Nation at the world council, he is not able to stay and train Korra like her other masters. Instead, she pursues him and travels away for the first time from the southern poll to train with him at his home in Republic City. With a more modern environment from the introduction of cars, radios, and other electrical elements, this city has a new steampunk vibe. As technology advances and the people of all nations mix for the first time living in harmony, we are introduced to a new group. The Equalists, led by Amon, follow an anti-bending revolution claiming non-benders are being oppressed by those with the ability. Like Ty Lee, they use chi blocking during their altercations as well as electrical currents to stun their opponents. Amon, has an even greater ability that he uses to threaten and control benders. The first book, "Air", follows Korra's journey in learning how to achieve self-control, unlock her airbending ability, understand her true responsibilities of being the Avatar, and finding a way to defeat the rise of the Equalists. Book two, "Spirits", takes place six months later after Korra has successfully mastered the element of air. Now she must learn a new path, the ability to travel and connect to the spirit realm. This season covers her journey learning that to have light you must also have darkness and as the Avatar, only she has the ability to maintain balance between realms. After the spiritual awakening, book three, "Change", begins with a major change to the Air Nation. As they adapt to their new reality, a new antagonistic group emerges. The Red Lotus, following Zaheer, believe in disorder as the natural order and through anarchy strive to collapse the established nations. Korra struggles to not only stop their mission but also struggles to save herself and the Avatar cycle. The final chapter, "Balance", picks up three years later. Korra has isolated herself once again after the events of the previous season and Team Avatar have gone their separate ways. Trouble starts in the Earth Kingdom after the captain of the guard, Kuvira, refuses to relinquish her temporary authority to the Earth Kingdom heir after the death of the queen. Team Avatar struggles to unite once again and Korra, now physically healed, must continue the harder task to heal emotionally and overcome her block to bring peace and harmony to the world as the Avatar one last time.

Following the themes of the original series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra expands the world through new locations, environments, characters, abilities, and flashbacks explaining the origin of the Avatar while also bringing back some beloved characters from the original series.           

Source(s): Screenrant.com, Newsweek.com