Check Out This SDCC Exclusive Hot Wheels X-Wing!

Happy 40th anniversary year to The Empire Strikes Back!

Mattel knows just how to celebrate. This week, they are unveiling their new San Diego Comic-Con exclusive die-cast Hot Wheels X-Wing, a stunning replica of Luke's ship as it is lifted by Yoda from the swamp of Dagobah. The figurine itself features immaculate detail, as shown here, with the vibrant colors and the vegetation clinging onto the ship. It is a creative choice to feature the X-Wing in its less-than-perfect condition, but any Star Wars fan knows that this form of the X-Wing is perhaps the most meaningful, as it appears in one of the most inspirational Star Wars scenes ever.

In this moment on Dagobah, Luke has given up trying to use the Force to lift the X-Wing out of the swamp. He is simply not strong enough with the Force and is on the verge of giving up completely when Yoda steps in to help. In the span of no more than a minute, Yoda speaks some of the most powerful lines in the entire franchise, enforcing ideas of perseverance, hope, and belief in oneself.

"Do. Or do not. There is no try." Yoda says this, and though Luke makes a valiant attempt, he cannot lift the X-Wing, thinking it is too big a task to conquer. 

But Yoda tells Luke that "size matters not," drawing attention to his own small stature, and proceeds to speak about how the Force is everywhere, all around, and the most powerful ally. It is then that Yoda says one of the most iconic quotes in all of Star Wars"Luminous beings are we. Not this crude matter."

Luke still shows doubt, believing the task to be impossible. Yoda then proceeds to concentrate, the X-Wing rising out of the water only a few moments later. Luke is speechless as he watches this overwhelming feat of strength, and tells Yoda that he does not believe it...which, Yoda explains, is precisely why he fails. 

Luke thinks of the Force as something separate; he sees it as a power to be harnessed. But Yoda shows him that the Force is a part of him, and by believing in the Force and himself, he can do anything as long as he puts his mind to it. This scene is unforgettable, and it speaks to the core ideas of Star Wars as a whole.

Mattel's X-Wing is magical in and of itself, but what elevates this collectible is its packaging. The box features a mechanism to lift the X-Wing out of the swamp, surrounded by the silhouettes of Yoda, Luke, and R2-D2. This interactive component really brings the scene to life, allowing the user to recreate this moment again and again. The sleek black base with The Empire Strikes Back 40th anniversary logo, coupled with the clear top display and the dark silhouettes, paints a picture so vivid, it is almost as if you are watching the movie play out in real time.

And the best news is, it is almost here! 

In order to get the chance to score this one-of-a-kind item, you will have to head on over to Mattel's Instagram at 9am PST on July 23. The stock will be limited, but we think it is more than worth a shot. 

After you have scored your brand-new X-Wing, be sure to stick around for more amazing SDCC Star Wars events, including the slew of panels that will be taking place the next day on July 24. If you would like to learn more about what awesome panel opportunities are in store, check out this article for more information. 

We are so excited for SDCC, and we hope you are, too! While we are sad that we cannot attend in person this year, we are so thrilled to see that awesome collectibles like this are keeping the magic alive. 

Enjoy SDCC, and check back here soon for more Star Wars news.