Clark Gregg Wants Phil Coulson To Reunite With The Avengers

Depending on how long you have been a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, you may remember the heartbreak that we experienced in the summer of 2012 when Clark Gregg's beloved character, Phil Coulson, suffered a tragic death at the hands of Loki in The Avengers. It was a tumultuous time in the fandom, culminating in collective joy when Phil Coulson was revealed to be alive in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which premiered in the fall of 2013. Now, years have passed, and Phil Coulson has continued to endear himself to Marvel fans everywhere. However, all good things come to an end, with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. being on its final season.

To culminate the series and his role as Phil Coulson, Clark Gregg joined to discuss his character, especially in regards to the events of Endgame and Coulson's lack of involvement. 

While it is impossible to satisfy everyone's desire for character interactions in Endgame, it is true that Phil Coulson never got to say goodbye to Tony Stark onscreen, which is sadder to think about now, after witnessing the hero's death. Clark Gregg, when questioned about his feelings on the subject, said that, while Coulson's "crush on Cap never dies," he was disappointed that Coulson and Stark never reunited.
"I felt that same sadness, just because really, the whole thing started, and I think the reason Coulson became what Coulson was really, was about Robert [Downey Jr.] and those scenes together and the repartee. He makes you that much better and brings out so much more than you might normally see in a scene. The way that he took those scenes and that character on, brought me to life, in a way, so that I didn't get to have that." 
While this is something that a good number of fans may not have thought about, it is not difficult to remember what a crucial part of the early MCU Coulson was, and how his absence has left a hole in the later entries. It is not hard to imagine multiple ways that Coulson could have been involved in Endgame, from participating in the final battle itself to something as simple as Coulson's team and Tony's team crossing paths. Gregg theorized about a moment like this, saying:
"Why couldn't there be a really cool one-shot where they're on a mission, we're on a mission... 'Oops!' You know?"
As for the reasons why Coulson might have been considered but ultimately not included, it makes sense that casual moviegoers might not even remember Agent Coulson from The Avengers, since his only appearance since 2012 was his brief cameo in Captain Marvel. Still, considering Coulson's death was the key motivator that brought the Avengers together for the very first time, it seems only fitting that he should have been involved at the end of "The Infinity Saga."

Still, we are very grateful for Coulson's role in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and it is a testament to Gregg's performance that his character was awarded such a large role. Fan outcries after his death in The Avengers no doubt motivated his return, and considering the TV series' impressive seven-season run, Coulson has undoubtedly left a mark on the MCU that will be long remembered.

Given this interview and the mark that Gregg has left on the MCU, there is certainly room for Coulson to reunite with the Avengers sometime in the future. After all, while some of our beloved original Avengers are now gone, there are others who will still be present on our screens for years to come who have histories with Coulson, such as Captain Marvel, Thor, and Hawkeye. Maybe he could even make a cameo in a Disney+ series, if we are lucky! 

What would be your favorite way for Coulson to appear in a new MCU movie? Sound off in the comments, and stay tuned for more Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. news as season 7 continues!

Source: CinemaBlend