Colin Trevorrow Reveals His 'Episode IX' TIE Marauder

The Star Wars sequel trilogy became increasingly controversial as the films went on. The Force Awakens was well-received, though many people saw it as an unnecessary rehash of A New Hope. The Last Jedi split audiences almost down the middle between regular moviegoers who liked it (not to mention its critical success) and the rabid section of the fanbase that decried it as the worst thing since "I don't like sand." (Of course, there are long-time fans who do enjoy the film and can still have criticisms here and there.) The final film in the trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, was met with mixed reviews from both the audience and the critics. Some found it to be too focused on fanservice, and some felt that it did not live up as a conclusion to the saga. Opinions are all over the place for these films.

Colin Trevorrow, writer and director of Jurassic World, was originally slated to write Episode IX, but was booted from the project before it really got going. However, he did manage to complete his script, details of which have leaked on the internet. We know it was going to be called Duel of the Fates (likely in reference to The hantom Menace song of the same name that can be heard as Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi take on Darth Maul). This iteration of the film would have gone in several directions that are different from the film we ultimately got. Unfortunately, we only have the details of his original ideas to give us an idea of what might have been.

Well, not only the script.

One of his original TIE Fighter ideas was released, but recently, another new design has been revealed to the public, called the TIE Marauder. The thin, tri-cockpit design would have made it unique among any TIE Fighter design, and we can only speculate as to what it was truly designed to do. At a glance, it appears that it would have featured a pilot and two gunners, but little about its function has been revealed beyond that.

It is well known that the split between Lucasfilm and Trevorrow was not exactly a mutually suggested idea. Trevorrow was looking forward to working on a Star Wars film, and the new TIE Fighter was a great example of that. Even better for him, he designed it with his son, so it has a personal meaning for him as well.

The iconic ships of Star Wars will always be some of the most recognizable things in all of cinema. Even people who do not know much about the series would still be able to easily recognize ships like the Millennium Falcon, an X-Wing starfighter, and, yes, the TIE Fighters flown by the evil Empire. Nothing will take away from arguably the most iconic spaceships in cinematic history.

However, as cinema, society, and even fans evolve, new things will have to be introduced into the franchise to keep it fresh. A common criticism of The Force Awakens was that it was too close to A New Hope. That applies to its visuals as well. If the only things we see in the movies are the exact same as the original trilogy, it would not feel like filmmaking in regards to Star Wars has advanced, and in-universe, it would feel like their society and technology had not advanced much either. We have seen more creative choices before. Early examples of X-Wings and Star Destroyers appear in the prequel trilogy, only to show up refined in the original films. The sequel trilogy would do that as well, and did. Trevorrow's TIE Marauder would have been an excellent example of that.

However, nothing in Star Wars is ever truly dead. Concepts and visuals from first drafts have made it into the finished product, and Disney is a company that tries to give the fans what they want. Given the fan outcry for what the ninth film would have been with Trevorrow's film, it is quite possible that we could see the TIE Marauder after all. It is too good not to use.

Source(s): Screen Rant