'Knives Out 2' Is Twitter's Most Anticipated Film, According to Fans

It is no secret that Rian Johnson lost a lot of fanboy goodwill with his release of the highly controversial The Last Jedi. After directing Looper (a fan hit) and Breaking Bad episode "Ozymandias" (arguably one of the greatest episodes of TV, period), hopes were high that Johnson could take Star Wars back to something that everybody loved. He did not. After gaining much negative audience reception from The Las Jedi, he was at a critical juncture in his career in regards to what movie to do next.

Instead of another blockbuster film, he directed the wholly original Knives Out, a film that was both a critical and commercial darling, raking in over three hundred million dollars at the box office, as well as scoring itself a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nomination at the 92nd Academy Awards. Between a tight script, a great sense of humor, and and all-star cast at the top of its game, it was a breath of fresh air in a movie industry oversaturated with sequels, remakes, and comic book films.

Like all great movies, it holds up after several rewatches, and it leaves the audience wanting more. It was not long after the film was released that talks of a sequel began, and in early 2020, the rumors were confirmed, and Knives Out 2 was officially announced. By all accounts it is another adventure of the original movie's most interesting character, the southern-accented gentleman sleuth, Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig in one of his best performances.

With the hype for the sequel already high, the Twitter account for DiscussingFilm posted a poll, showcasing several sequels that are coming up, with the challenge of choosing three and letting the rest get cancelled. The overwhelming majority stated that they wanted to see Knives Out 2 even among the group of heavy-hitters such as Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Spider-Man 3, and Godzilla vs Kong. Of the twelve movies listed, only one otheroption was not a comic book movie or a horror sequel, and that was Chicken Run 2. Against all odds, Knives Out 2 was the most anticipated movie in the group.

A common complaint about the movie industry is how stale it has become. With ticket prices rising all of the time, people generally only want to pay to see a few movies a year, especially if they have a family. Given all of that, it is no surprise that a lot of the content that gets released consists of sequels, remakes, Disney, and comic book movies. They are generally the guaranteed money-makers. People may or may not go see a new film, but many are guaranteed to go see the latest Avengers movie, an idea backed up by Endgame becoming the highest-grossing film of all time. Every new film not affiliated with some previously established brand comes with severe risk. Knives Out was a risk. Avengers was not.

However, what this Twitter poll, small though it may be in the end, shows, is that people are tired of the usual films and really want something more. Marvel films are good, but they are hitting the point where they are a dime a dozen, blending together at a certain point. Sequels and remakes are more often than not of a dubious level of quality. For a long time, the general public has been craving an original, fresh, edge-of-your-seat whodunit that is smart, does not talk down to the audience, is unpretentious, and overall easy to watch. We as a movie-going public need to see new things if we want to keep seeing movies. One of the wonderful things about the unique medium of film is its constant innovation. Films like the original Star Wars were such huge hits because they were things that we had never seen before, or that took tired tropes and made them feel fresh. The murder mystery genre these days is generally as complicated and surprising as your average game of Clue.

Knives Out may mark a turning point for film. As the people go, so, too, go the studios. If fewer people see the next Marvel movie, then Disney will dial it back on releasing Marvel movies. Hopefully, Hollywood will take a look at the unexpected success that was Knives Out and begin opening up the board for more fresh ideas. The public has spoken, both in this Twitter poll and with their dollars, and we want to see more of the adventures like those of the gentleman sleuth Benoit Blanc.

Source: Screen Rant