Report Says Alden Ehrenerich Has "Heard Some Stuff, But Nothing Concrete" About Reprising His Role As Han Solo

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"Never tell me the odds."
-Han Solo

Welcome you dashing and devil may care scoundrels back to more news pertaining to the fantastic galactic space opera as known as Star Wars. This news is fresh from the lips of our favorite lone blaster-wielding hero Alden Ehrenreich, whom you may already know for his impressive portrayal of Han Solo in the character's own side flick, Solo: A Star Wars Story. The star recently mentioned interesting details regarding the possibility of returning to the franchise as the same flagship character.

During an interview with Esquire, Ehrenreich stated that he really benefited from the performance, going so far as to take the energy and attitude of the iconic rogue into other projects like Peacock's Brave New World. Ehrenreich went on to state that he felt a return to the Millennium Falcon would not be an unwelcome one. When asked if he had heard anything about a potential Solo sequel, Ehrenreich provided the following response:

"No, I don't know anything about that. I mean, you know, I think our movie was kind of the last of the conventional-era
Star Wars movie release time."

Ehrenreich was then pressed further for "any news through the Star Wars grapevine."

"I've heard sooooome stuff, but nothing concrete yet... I had to like, dust off my old Star Wars answers."

Glancing around the Star Wars fan water cooler otherwise known as social media, we can see that fans have already been asking for any follow-up to Solo, with #MakeSolo2Happen trending twice within the past two years. When questioned about it, Ehrenreich commented that he had heard of the movement of passionate fans making that bit of the Force happen. From a creator's prospective, it's not like there isn't a deep well to pull from since the last film was set-up to be ten years before the start of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. Not to mention the wealth of characters already semi-established during the events of the Solo film itself, such as Qi'ra and Enfys Nest.
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Additionally, it might be something to note that even Chewbecca himself Joonas Suotamo gave his support when the movement was discussed when he was interviewed on YouTube. Neither Disney nor Lucasfilm have commented on any prospects of works for the hyped up idea.

With fans backing him alongside his own enthusiasm, Ehrenreich proclaimed extreme interest in starring in a Disney+ show if such a project ever comes to pass. This was highlighted during an interview by Josh Horowitz on Happy Sad Confused Podcast, where they spent five minutes talking over the idea. Horowitz asked for Ehrenreich's take on the film pride and new perspectives that have emerged since the film's initial release two years ago. Ehrenreich steeled himself for a moment before staking his claim:
"It doesn’t feel new to me, I felt that then, and we were kind of aware going into it – there were two levels of baggage, one was the publicity of the director change but the other thing is that when you hear there’s going to be a Han Solo movie I think everybody has a version of that movie in their head. And so, my experience with anything like that, is like when you’re seeing a movie that’s adapted from a book. All you’re doing is 'that’s not what I thought it was going to be,' so I think, my sense of what happened in it being championed again in whatever way it has, is that people walked away from it and returned to it as what it is, and the thing that I think is the coolest thing about it is the people that are in it. It’s such a cool cast."
Ultimately, time and the spread of #MakeSolo2Happen over social media will tell if anything truly comes out of all this dust being stirred up. After all, #SaveTheCloneWars seemed to work in the long run. So just like Han in A New Hope, it's better now as long as we shoot first for this much-needed expansion on the dashing adventures of Chewie and Han. As always, folks, may the Force be with you.

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