Report says that 'Skull & Bones' Will Be Like 'Fortnite' Live Game

Last Sunday featured the Ubisoft Forward showcase, which was dominated by their most lucrative titles: Assassin's Creed, Watchdogs, Far Cry, and Ghost Recon. The delayed Skull & Bones, was noticeably absent. Skull & Bones is an open world pirate adventure, which was first announced in 2017 and scheduled for release in 2018, but has subsequently been delayed repeatedly. 
A report published by Video Games Chronicle has suggested that the direction of the game has changed drastically. Speaking to VGC, an anonymous developer has said that the game is no longer in Ubisoft's usual "premium box model," but will move to a live service model, similar to Fortnite. 

The format of the ever-evolving storyline in Fortnite is a reference point, thus suggesting that Skull & Bones may feature community elements, such as world events, which would be triggered by player engagement. The model hints that the game will be free-to-play, but it is not yet known how the game will be priced. 

Leadership for the game's development has reportedly changed as well, with former editorial VP Elisabeth Pellen being made creative director, replacing Justin Farren, who moved to Warhammer. Pellen is a Ubisoft veteran, having been with the company for 20 years. Her most notable work is 2003’s XIII, though she also led level design for the first Splinter Cell sequel, Pandora Tomorrow.

There has not been much movement on the game's social media accounts, with their Twitter account being quiet since the game was last delayed in May of last year:
At the time, it was hinted that the game may be released in April 2021. The pirate adventure has not been seen since E3 2018, when Ubisoft promised to launch a beta test which ultimately did not take place. There are currently no signs of a planned beta test, in the near future.

Ubisoft seemed to have many plans for the Skull & Bones IP, including a possible TV show featuring a female lead. The TV show was due to enter production with Atlus Entertainment. A multimedia project like this could potentially be exciting, but we will just have to wait for more updates.
Source: PC Gamer, VGC