Snyder Shows New 'Justice League' Scene With Black Suit for Superman

Ever since Zack Snyder took over as director of the latest DC Comics films (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Justice League) some of his creative choices have been...controversial, to say the leastans have been highly divided on the films, and the critical reception has been less than stellar. However, many people agree that the director's cut of Batman v Superman is a marked improvement over the theatrical release, adding to character arcs, explaining some murky story elements, and closing plot threads. With Jice League in a similar boat, fans are looking forward to seeing what Snyder's true vision for the film was, and whether the director's cut can improve the film in a fashion similar to that of Batman v Superman.

A large part of that is the visuals. It has been shown in teasers that Superman will indeed don the popular black and silver suit made popular in the 1993 comic The Death of Superman. Fans anticipated seeing it in the first cut of the film, but whether due to studio interference, time, or any other reason that might prevent it, the suit worn in the final act of the theatrical cut was Superman's usual red and blue outfit. The latest sneak peek has revealed the latest change to Snyder's original plan, and the suit will be the black and silver one that the fans have craved.

Snyder revealed that, during the initial filming, Henry Cavill (who played Superman in the film) wore the usual red and blue suit, meaning that the change to the black suit was done entirely in post-production. How long Superman will wear the suit is obviously yet to be revealed, but one can expect to see it get screen time that extends beyond a scene or two. It would not be worth the effort, and it would doubtlessly anger the fans if the suit was not displayed for a significant amount of time. Throwing it in there for just a few minutes of screen time would show that they only included it as a passing nod to the fans, not as something prominent that the fans have wanted to see for decades. Given the desire to see it in the original cut of the film, some fans will not accept anything less than seeing it front-and-center for as long as is organically possible.

It is not difficult to see why fans would want the suit. A lot of Batman v Superman was based in part on The Death of Superman. It only made sense for the suit to show up at the climactic moments. However, it was not meant to be. With the upcoming release of Snyder's director's cut. the original vision can now be seen. At the end of the day, the color of the suit is strictly cosmetic, and likely does not have an actual impact on the film itself, but creating familiar visuals is an important part of comic book adaptations. It would be harder to watch a Spider-Man film without his iconic outfit, and given how closely the black-and-silver suit is tied in with The Death of Superman story arc, it would help the fans make that connection between their beloved comic and the beloved suit. Die-hard comic book fans can be rather...ravenous when it comes to adaptations of the properties that they love so much. So the suit will appease them as well as create a nice look for fans who may or may not be familiar with the comic.

At the end of the day, the suit likely will not be of any significance beyond a slight bit of fanservice, and most people might not make the connection between it and a comic book that is over a quarter of a century old, but it looks cool. Is that not what matters the most?

Source(s): The Direct