Superhero Stars Send Comforting Words to Young Fan Who Braved Dog Attack

Heroism comes in many forms. When one thinks of a hero, they may think of someone with superpowers or high-tech equipment. Perhaps figures who are able to fly, whether it be via a suit or abilities gained via some extraordinary incident. We may have a tendency to imagine an adult whenever we think of a hero. However, we must not forget that children are capable of being heroes as well.

One does not need to look much further than Bridger Walker for such a recent example. At six years old boy became a hero in the eyes of many when he stepped in front of his younger sister as an aggressive dog charged at her. The attack resulted in Bridger getting bites on the head and the face, treatment for which required plastic surgery and around 90 stitches.

As word of his valiant effort to protect his sister spread, Chris Evans gave the boy, who was dressed as Captain America, a video call. Evans called the boy a hero for his actions. If Captain America calls one a hero, then that is certainly a high compliment. Evans added that he would be sending Bridger a Captain America shield, a gift that many Marvel geeks would surely covet.

Bridger's aunt Nicole Walker has mentioned other Marvel and DC-related celebrities who have reached out, including the Hulk himself Mark Ruffalo, Marvel directors the Russo Brothers, Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman, Shazam himself Zachary Levi, The Flash's Firestorm actor Robbie Amell, and The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Anne Hathaway.

More recently, Robert Downey Jr. has entered the mix. Even though Avengers: Endgame saw a heroic end for Tony Stark/Iron Man, the actor still carries on by being an inspiring hero even in real life. In the spirit of Tony Stark, he continues his rivalry with Cap, acknowledging and responding to the news that Evans said he would send a shield: "I’m gonna do one better -- you call me on your next birthday, I got something special for you. Late. By the way, that’s a promise - a promise beats a shield."

It is only natural that Iron Man would want to one-up Captain America, and this is all in good fun, as the superhero movie stars join together in being there for Bridger. As the MCU has shown us in recent years, if Tony Stark is involved, then Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is not far behind. Holland gave Bridger a video call, and was happy to hear that Bridger's favorite of his two solo outings as Spider-Man was Spider-Man: Far From Home. After all, it is ideal for a sequel to be better than the first film. He then offered to have Bridger visit the set of the next Spider-Man film. Understandably, Bridger appears to be overwhelmed with very positive emotions.

Currently, the full details of Robert Downey Jr.'s gift are not known, nor is the time when Bridger may meet up with Holland. One thing that seems certain, however, is that all of these generous reach-outs by celebrities associated with the superhero zeitgeist are lifting Bridger's spirits. These are all certainly nice gestures from the celebrities. Fans like to imagine that they are as heroic in real life as they are onscreen. Seeing such actions in real life means that fans do not necessarily need to imagine; it's all real. It is indeed comforting to know that there are real heroes in the movie industry who are willing to send comforting words to those who have endured something like what Bridger Walker experienced. He protected his sister and is, without a doubt, a real hero himself.

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