The Last Of Us Part II Will Not Get Any DLC

According to news sources, The Last of Us Part II will not be getting any DLC to continue the story outside of the base game, says game director Neil Druckmann. When asked about the possibility of DLC during an episode of Kinda Funny Games' Gamescast, Druckmann said that there were no current plans.

Spoiler Warning: The following will contain mild spoilers for The Last Of Us Part II.

The question arose in light of the first game having a DLC. The Last of Us: Left Behind dove into more detail behind Ellie's character. As of right now, however, we will not be seeing the same treatment with The Last Of Us Part II

“With Last of Us, I think we had some season pass or something that said ahead of time ‘we have some story DLC,’” Druckmann said when asked about the idea of getting DLC for the sequel akin to the first game’s Left Behind. “No, there's no plans for DLC.”
After this, Druckmann was asked about the possibility of factions being added to the game as well, but he was tight-lipped about anything more than what the team was working on. This may provide hope that more is coming for The Last of Us Part II, but Naughty Dog is not ready to speak about any expansions. 

The Last of Us Part II certainly ended with room to add DLC if Naughty Dog ever wants to go in that direction. With an ending that personally left me asking what is next and even more unanswered questions, I am just waiting to hear what happens next in the series, whether it be in  a future DLC if one is ever announced, or even in a possible The Last of Us Part III.

The Last of Us Part II is now available for the PlayStation 4. Check out our gaming coverage page for more gaming themed articles.