'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Finale Release Date Will Be Announced at SDCC 2020

Since its release on Halloween of 2010, The Walking Dead has become a cultural phenomenon, changing the landscape of zombie entertainment in a way that we haven't seen since George Romero. Nothing has immersed us in a post-apocalyptic world full to the brim with zombies in the way that The Walking Dead has. There were sill popular zombie movies such as Danny Boyle's 2002 film 28 Days Later and its sequel, but on the whole, the idea of zombies had largely fallen out of public popularity. People will always love zombies, but the media surrounding it had largely become stale.

Zombies as a monster in and of themselves are not the big draw of the living dead coming back from the grave. After Romero, zombies went from voodoo monsters to the slow-moving, groaning, brain-eating monsters that we know and love. Zombies as monsters are not particularly compelling. What is interesting about the monster, however, is how fluid it is. They are a storytelling device as opposed to a focus. Night of the Living Dead showed what people could become under pressure, and how the zombie itself might not be the biggest monster. Dawn of the Dead was a critique of consumerism culture, and Shaun of the Dead used them as a means for the titular protagonist to grow and mature as a person. Long story short, it is the situation that the monster creates that is thrilling, not the monster itself.

The Walking Dead had a major advantage over other zombie-related media because of the long-form format of the comic series and the TV show. We could spend more time getting to know these characters and their situations. A film may only be able to work with roughly two hours. A TV show can generally take as long as it wants. We can get attached to these characters better, even though each of them are about as safe as the characters on Game of Thrones.

At San Diego Comic Con 2020, the release date of the finale will be announced. It was pushed back significantly because of the COVID pandemic. When the announcement was made that the release date was being pushed back, there was no timetable as to when it would actually be released. Now that San Diego Comic-Con is upon us, they are using the event to actually announce the release date, despite the fact that the convention is now virtual due to the aforementioned COVID pandemic.

Expectations are high for the season finale, something that is helped along by the show's director Greg Nicotero making statements saying that the finale will "make peoples' jaws drop." The viewership for The Walking Dead has been steadily declining over the years, so in order to keep viewership at sufficient levels, the show has to keep up with high-quality storytelling and compelling characters to keep viewers invested. The pressure is especially high because people losing interest in The Walking Dead would also likely cause them to lose interest in the spin-off show Fear The Walking Dead and the upcoming The Walking Dead: The World Beyond.

COVID-19 has shaken the world up in ways that none of us saw coming. None of us considered that this virus would affect what we watch on TV. As a result of the pandemic, the season 10 finale of one of the most popular TV shows of all time has been pushed back to an unknown date. However, now that the highly popular San Diego Comic-Con is soon upon us, it is the perfect time to find out when we will get to be afraid of the walking dead once again.

Source: Screenrant