'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Uncensored is now on Disney+

Promotional Art via 20th Century Fox
Lo and behold as the mutants have made yet another arrival upon the ever-popular streaming titan known as Disney+. Surprisingly, the latest addition from the industry's squeaky clean wholesome brand is the uncensored version of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Certainly makes you wonder what the parents will be thinking when the PG-13 film shows one of the little ones Wolverine's (Hugh Jackman) bare derriere on the silver screen.

As many of us remember, way back in November 2017, Disney bought and merged with 21st Century Fox. While the aforementioned film is among the acquisitions included in this deal, it should be noted that the very first Fox film to be put up was Fantastic Four just last month.

This tops off a series of events known as the Disney+ censorship narrative. Not too long ago, the Disney+ platform hit up some minor waves with the 1984 Tom Hanks film Splash, for which they used roughly rendered thick CGI hair to cover mermaid Madison's (Daryl Hannah) exposed buttocks. Yet they have still green-lit the Hulk's green tuchus in Thor: Ragnarok on their family centered service. Many fans new and old have been asking, "Why bother?" One might even wonder whether gender-related perceptions have anything to do with this decision-making.

Furthering the narrative of censorship, prior to digital release, Disney confirmed that the popular Hamilton would have a large portion (if not all) of its profanity either removed or toned down. Removing all but one instance of the F-word from any and all scenes within the entire feature.

That is to say that even their own Disney classics were spared from the seemingly minute details that really never bothered anyone from enjoying them. Those involved include but are not limited to; Aladdin, The Lion King, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Adventures in Babysitting, The Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, Fantasia, The Rescuers, andthe oldest of the bunch1933's Three Little Pigs. This brings us back around to ask why the company seems to only censor seemingly random tidbits here and there, only to allow the more recent highest grossing features alone.

All in all, if the current trend is anything to go by, then more and more of 21st Century Fox films should start appearing on the streaming platform. Whether or not they remain altered will just have to be something that we, the active audience, will have to watch out for and examine. Alternatively, will the platform refrain from hosting R-rated films such as Logan, Deadpool, and Deadpool 2? Or might they perhaps release these under a different streaming service? Knowing Disney, it will undoubtedly be something that is simplistically complicated.

Source(s): Cinema Blend