20 'Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge' Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

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The game show Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge has given kids a chance to experience what it is like to train as Jedi Padawans. While it is primarily a program for kids, there are Easter eggs that may appeal to fans of all ages.

1. Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

The overall look of the Padawan outfits was derived from what Jedi Padawan Nedriss Narr wore at the Disneyland stage show titled Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, which premiered in 2007. Additionally, Master Kerlleran Beq’s boots are the ones worn by Cast Members when they dressed as Master Vanzell Mar-Klar.

2. Training Sabers

There is actually a link to The Clone Wars TV series. Specifically, the wooden training sabers are based on the ones used by a Padawan in “A Test of Strength,” an episode from the younglings arc. Funny enough, there was an idea floating around at Lucasfilm of possibly giving the younglings of that arc a spinoff TV series. In a way, Jedi Temple Challenge is a spiritual fulfillment of that.

3. Beq’s Lightsaber

Those who have been to Galaxy’s Edge may find bits of Beq’s lightsaber to be familiar. It is made of parts from Savi’s workshop, where attendees could build their own lightsabers. Specifically, it incorporates pieces from Elemental Nature, Peace and Justice, and Protection and Defense. His costume is also influenced by the park.

4. Meiloorun

During the Leap & Lift challenge, one can see a meiloorun fruit hanging above the padawans. This was essentially the MacGuffin of Star Wars Rebels episode “Fighter Flight.”

5. Video Game Sounds

According to David W. Collins, “The wooden saber box uses a portion of a Wookiee elevator sound from the opening Kashyyyk level of The Force Unleashed.” He adds that the Force “whoosh” sounds from that game are also present when Beq raises his hand. Furthermore, LX-R5’s sounds were originally created for Star Wars: Galaxies.

6. AD-3 and LX-R5

Voiced by Mary Holland, protocol droid AD-3’s name is meant to sound like “Aidee,” a feminine name. Her ankles have the initials MH and GT. The former represents the voice of the droid, while the latter represents Gordon Tarpley, the designer and performer in the suit. The R5-series astromech droid LX-R5 is named after Jedi Temple Challenge co-creator Scott Bromley’s nephew Alex. This droid was built in 16 days, a new record as far as droid building is concerned.
The hilarious new droid duo of AD-3 (voiced by Mary Holland) and LX-R5.

7. Stories of The Star Wars Show Characters

Cavan Scott, who has prior experience writing Star Wars stories, wrote the stories that the Padawans on Jedi Temple Challenge hear. And they actually include characters from The Star Wars Show, an online variety show. These include CH-33Z the mouse droid and Kevin the Ewok, both from The Star Wars Show Holiday Special.

8. Mos Zabu

In the third episode of Jedi Temple Challenge, there is a mention of this Tatooine location that appeared in “Nerf Herder,” a short story included in Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars Tales #7.

9. Hyperspace Levers

The hyperspace levers on the Athylia are the same ones used at the Millennium Falcon Experience from around the time Solo: A Star Wars Story was released.

10. Jedi Starcruiser Sounds

To get the point across that the Athylia is a Jedi Starcruiser, certain sounds were combined for when it flies offworld. One of them belongs to the Radiant VII, the ship that transports Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Phantom Menace. The other comes from Yoda’s escape ship in Revenge of the Sith.

11. Recycled from Galaxy’s Edge

The bridge of the ship actually contains wall panels that were intended for but never used for Galaxy’s Edge. They are under the cockpit and behind the tiles on the wall. The boxes also include modified items from Galaxy’s Edge, such as the comlink and the stuffed tooka.

12. Foam Cubes

The foam cubes in the Jedi Temple are a callback to the ones used for the Kenner Death Star Space Station. Gotta keep the longtime toy collectors in mind, seeing how the toys have been a huge component of the franchise.

13. The Dark Side

Door stoppers are used for the visual representation of the Dark Side. Furthermore, one can faintly hear the “scream” sound effect from Darth Sidious’ attack on Mace Windu in Revenge of the Sith.

14. Sam Witwer’s Dark Side Voice Moves Around

In both stereo and surround sound, Witwer’s voice moves around. One might even imagine that one who is part of the dark may be restless and therefore want to move all over the place. According to Collins, “This was done to convey his non-corporeal, spirit-like nature, and make him sound elsewhere, elusive…”

15. Legends of the Hidden Temple

When Jedi Temple Challenge was first announced, it immediately drew comparisons to Legends of the Hidden Temple. It turns out that there is definitely an influence. According to Bromley, “The Power Core puzzle was our homage to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey puzzle from Legends of the Hidden Temple.”

16. Other Pieces of Galaxy’s Edge

Within the temple, one may notice that the couplings are from Savi’s Workshop. The garbage masher also has wall panels from Galaxy’s Edge. Near the Bridge of Balance, one may even be able to see a familiar round bottle.

17. Kyber Crystals

According to Bromley, “The kyber crystals are the same molds from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but were a custom translucent color to show up better on screen. What you don’t see is each contestant picks which color they want their saber to be, so when they insert the crystal into the saber, it actually is the color they chose.”

18. Rock Band Drums

On top of the Frigid Ridge, there is actually a set of drums from the video game Rock Band. Your mileage may vary on whether or not this breaks your immersion. Then again, who can forget that some of us just roll with the fact that there is an item resembling an ice cream maker in the Star Wars galaxy?

19. A Sound from The Empire Strikes Back

When the path on the Bridge of Balance is lit, one can hear a familiar sound effect. This is from the scene in The Empire Strikes Back when Vader speaks to Emperor Palpatine.

20. Words from Clone Wars Microseries

Master Beq reuses the words that Yoda spoke when knighting Anakin Skywalker in chapter 21 of the Clone Wars microseries: “By the right of the Council, by the will of the Force, you are now Jedi Knights.” A variation of this was also used in Rebels episode “Shroud of Darkness.”
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