DC FanDome Reveals 'Gotham Knights' Video Game Featuring Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Red Robin

At the DC FanDome event, WB Games Montreal had a panel set to reveal a new game to the world. In the lead-up, there were hints here and there that it would be Batman-related. Now, with their release of a trailer and gameplay, we know this game to be Gotham Knights, and it is coming in 2021. While not a Batman game in the traditional sense, the story is definitely driven by the fate of Batman.

The trailer opens with news reports about a building that has collapsed due to an explosion. Apparently, the body of Bruce Wayne is found dead. We even get to hear a message that he recorded with the intention to have it sent out in case he died. We get reaction shots featuring Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Jason Todd (Red Hood), and Tim Drake (Red Robin). In the message, Bruce says that he is leaving the Belfry for them to use as a base of operations. What we also learn from the message is that the Gotham City Police Department has not trusted the Bat Family since the death of Jim Gordon. Batman’s proteges then suit up, ready to fight crime in Gotham together.

The trailer then goes on to show these crimefighters taking on the city with their respective skill sets and signature moves and weapons. Mr. Freeze is even featured as a foe, and the seven minutes of gameplay that came out of this panel follow Batgirl as she takes on Mr. Freeze at his location, which is, of course, covered in ice.

Hauntingly, the trailer ends with the reveal that the Court of Owls are involved. Introduced in the New 52 comics, this is a secret society that has operated in Gotham City since colonial times. It seems that we will be seeing birds go up against birds in this game, which will also have co-op as an option. One can only speculate about what other surprises in terms of villains may also pop up in the game. This tease does just enough to pique one’s curiosity.

As great of a hero as Batman is, it may be refreshing to have this story in which the characters whom he trained carry on his legacy. With Jim Gordon also deceased, it may not be as easy for these knights to fight crime, with the GCPD potentially becoming a faction around which they may need to circumvent. Of course, there is the possibility that Batman could “come back to life” somehow, with comic book stories being what they are. However, it would probably be more effective for his death to feel more consequential. Since this game does not need to be a “canonical” Batman story (and it should be noted that canon in comic books can get iffy since there are many retcons), it should be allowed to go in its own direction, which could potentially be more interesting to the players.

The music included in the gameplay footage also adds to the intense atmosphere, giving the mission a sense of urgency. One can expect to be thrilled by the overall vibe of Gotham Knights. It is Gotham City, after all, where there are monsters lurking around every corner. Nowhere in the city is ever completely safe.

While we do not have an exact release date for the film, we can at least add it to the list of releases to look forward to in 2021. It looks like a lot of work has gone into putting this game together, which is a good sign. This has potential to be one of the best DC games out there.
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