Disney+ Show, Loki, is expected to 'Mature' in a Unique Way

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

After a long hiatus due to the coronavirus, production on Loki is set to resume in August alongside other Marvel Studio properties such as The Falcon and Winter Soldier. Several fresh and veteran faces are joining Tom Hiddleston on Loki. Among them are Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia Di Martino, and Owen Wilson.

Loki’s Character Growth

Hiddleston began portraying Loki in the first Thor movie released in 2011. Thor’s ne’er-do-well brother has been imparting his particular brand of havoc within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) ever since. He was the architect of much of the chaos brought to Earth in the earlier MCU films.

In Avengers: Endgame, one of the last movies of the blockbuster 11 year MCU story arc, audiences are taken back in time to the events of the first Avengers movie, Marvel’s The Avengers released in 2012, Loki’s more villainous era.

He is captured and taken in by the Avengers at the end of that first Avengers film. The 2019 movie Avengers: Endgame put a different spin on those events. Loki slipped away from the Avengers, taking the Tesseract with him. The Tesseract is one of the Infinity Stones and represents the fabric of space. The person possessing this stone opens a gateway to anywhere in the universe. They can even travel to other dimensions.

Casting Development

Owen Wilson may be signed on to portray an associate with the Time Variance Authority. This fictitious group was first introduced in Marvel’s Thor comic books. They are responsible for monitoring the Marvel multiverse. Their presence within the MCU is a welcomed prospect.

Not much is known about the role Mbatha-Raw will be portraying. Though she did recently tease some details about the show in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“It goes to other places, and you get to see [Loki] mature in a different way...It’s going to be exciting for the fans to really see Tom and that character take the center of the story.”

Story Expansion

Though many aspects of the show itself are a mystery, science fiction elements will play a large part in the series, according to Kate Herron and Michael Waldron. Waldron is the showrunner; Herron is set to direct. Herron has also revealed that the series will "feel very intimate," focusing on the emotional development of the characters in the show.

Mbatha-Raw has worked on a few shows led by women. She is especially excited by the feminine presence on the set of Loki, welcoming Kate Herron’s involvement as an "added bonus." Unlike other shows, Herron is set to direct all of the episodes. Thus giving the limited series a seamless, singular style.

Interestingly enough, Disney has been showing a preference for sole directors in other shows they are developing. For instance, Deborah Chow is set to direct all of the Obi-Wan series that are also in the works.

Fans are eager to see some of Loki’s more daring Marvel Comic story arcs come to life in the Disney+ series. Loki has already shown exciting character developments within the MCU films. He went from villain to a much-loved anti-hero. Audiences may get to see his redemption in this alternative timeline.

There are other rumors around this character’s development too. Loki has switched genders, sexualities, and species more than a few times in the comics. Fans may get their wish of a female version of Loki in the show if Di Martino portrays a feminine Loki. This may be the maturing Mbatha-Raw hinted at previously.

For now, Marvel fans will have to wait until 2021 for the show. Unless something else occurs, Disney+ is planning to release the series next year. They, too, are ready for the series to begin production.

Source(s): thedirect.com