Iron Man Receives New Wooden Funko Pop

While there are endless possibilities when it comes to pop culture merchandise and collectibles, one of the most widely recognized and adored is the Funko Pop. Funko Pops were first introduced into the pop culture merchandise sphere in 2011, and by 2012, the company had sold more than $20 million worth of them. 

There are Funko Pops for all kinds of fandoms and properties, from Marvel to Star Wars to Game of Thrones and more, and you can find them pretty much anywhere. There are even Funko Pop stores, where you can take pictures with life-size Funko Pops of your favorite characters (which are personally some of my favorite stores to visit)! 

Funko Pops are nothing new, and some of our most beloved characters even have multiple iterations. Iron Man, for instance⁠—one of the most popular Marvel charactershas over 35 different Funko Pops, spanning across all of the MCU films and incorporating other characters who might wear his armor or bear the Iron Man name. However, the latest Funko Pop release is unique and stands out from the previous versions. It is sure to excite any Marvel fan and Funko Pop collector, and it is available exclusively through Entertainment Earth

This Funko Pop, releasing next month, is based on previous Iron Man character designs, even though it is not an official Marvel Cinematic Universe pop. It is currently available for pre-order for $14.99.

This Pop is special for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is made out of wood instead of the typical plastic, giving it an entirely different look from the usually brightly colored plastic Pops. Secondly, instead of representing a specific form of Iron Man, such as his Stark Tech Suit from the Marvel's Avengers video game or the moment when he wields the Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers: Endgame, the Pop is more of a general representation of the classic Iron Man look without strictly paying tribute to any one iteration. Each piece in the collection is unique, as, just with any carved wood object, no two are exactly alike given the variations in grains within the wood. While this is not the first wooden Funko Pop, with previous models including characters like Captain America and Groot, it is the first time Iron Man has received this treatment. Considering Iron Man is considered by many to be the OG Avenger, it is fitting and a little surprising that he was not chosen first for this exclusive Pop line. 

Now that the wooden Funko Pop trend is continuing, we hope this will mean that more Marvel characters who are being given spotlights in the MCU will receive their own versions. Especially given the upcoming Black Widow and The Eternals movies, this presents an opportunity for Funko to expand this exclusive line to include the vast array of characters in the MCU. Given that the Iron Man wooden Pop is more of a generic design for the character, this could even present the chance for other Marvel Funkos to represent more general iterations of the characters instead of film-specific or comic-specific versions. Hopefully, we can expect to see characters like Black Widow, Thanos, Thor, and others take to the shelves with this unique design soon.

If you want to check out the other Entertainment Earth Marvel Funko Pops, take a look at the Captain America and Groot wooden Pops. Similarly to the new Iron Man Pop, these are based on more generic designs of the characters, and while they are sold out on the Entertainment Earth website, they can be found on second party retailers like Amazon

How big is your Funko Pop collection? If you do not have any yet, here is your chance to start! 

Source(s): The Direct