'Star Wars' Actor Diego Luna Says There Is No Rush To Begin Production On Cassian Andor Series

Star Wars Announces New Live-Action Series Starring Diego Luna's Cassian  Andor - Bounding Into Comics

Disney+ has become to go-to place for new Star Wars content. The Mandalorian took the world by a storm, with its viewers becoming huge fans of The Child, as well as some of the other newer characters. Its second season is set to debut in October. The Clone Wars had its final season, pleasing longtime fans of that beloved animated series, and even introduced the Bad Batch, who are getting their own spin-off series. While there have been rumblings of possible future live-action shows that might be coming down the pipeline, Lucasfilm has only officially confirmed the Obi-Wan Kenobi series (set eight years after Episode III and eleven years before Episode IV) and the Cassian Andor series (set sometime before the character’s debut in Rogue One).

Earlier this year, the Cassian Andor show was slated to debut sometime in 2021, with the Kenobi show set for a 2022 debut. However, the delay of various productions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have called into question whether or not the Cassian Andor series could still premiere at the time that Lucasfilm had in mind. Steadily, people have been gearing up for production of shows and films, taking proper safety protocols into account and putting them into practice to ensure lower risks for anyone working on these projects.

The Guardian managed to get an update from Cassian Andor actor Diego Luna regarding the production of the upcoming series. He said that work on the series was getting back on track, but that there is not a hurry to get it done. He also sheds light on how the pandemic has affected his perspective:

“Shooting is starting around the world, so slowly we’re going back, but there’s no rush. To me, what this pandemic brought to my attention is that there [are] priorities. We have to be cautious and we have to be wise on when and how to go back. And the how is the most important, because if we go back to be who we were, we’ve wasted our opportunity, we wasted a major opportunity of rethinking and reinventing much of the stuff we believed was crucial and essential that clearly is not.”

What is reassuring about Luna’s words is that the health of the people working on the show is the highest priority, first and foremost. It would be nice for this series to come out as soon as possible, but the health of the people is more important, and maintaining good health is what would ensure a smoother production process for the show during this health crisis. While we have not been given a concrete release date for the Cassian Andor series, it would not be very surprising if we were to learn that the debut were pushed back from whatever prior release date Lucasfilm and Disney might have had in mind. The show is still coming, but Luna reminds us that we need to be willing to change our habits in order to keep on adapting to the world in which we currently live. Otherwise, a regression would just take us back even further. Ultimately, progress in how we treat health is what we need.

However long it takes for the series to come out, it is guaranteed to shed more light on Cassian Andor, who starts off as a shady character in Rogue One who has done morally questionable things in the name of the Rebellion. Ultimately, he does what is needed to bring hope to the galaxy. One can expect the series to further touch upon the evolution of the character during the struggles against the Galactic Empire.

Source(s): The Direct