'Star Wars' Celebration 2020 Exclusives Have Been Revealed!

We are thrilled to pass along the news that StarWars.com is revealing a galaxy of T-shirt, pins, plushes, and collectibles coming soon to Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Merchandise Store.

All Star Wars fans that had purchased a ticket from the original 2020 events dates will receive not just a special thank you, but also three days of early access to Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Merchandise Store. Even fans who requested ticket refunds could enjoy this exclusive benefit. This early access of Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Merchandise Store period will officially begin this Friday, August 28th, at 12 PM ET on StarWarsCelebration.com. Original event date ticket holders will be receiving an email from Star Wars Celebration with details on how to activate their Star Wars Celebration Store account. But they have to activate their account and be logged in to the store to make any purchases during the early access period. Fans who requested a refund on merchandise credit will be receiving a separate email containing a unique gift card code from Star Wars Celebration, and the gift card is to be used during the checkout from Star Wars Celebration Merchandise Store.

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Check out the exclusives below and make sure to check the exclusives and a special look back at Star Wars Celebration on The Star Wars Show!

Source(s): StarWars.com