'Star Wars: Squadrons' Release May Be Very Close To Next-Gen Console Release Dates

Star Wars: Squadrons is set to be released on October 2, 2020. We know that it will be available for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and X-Box One. However, there may be some people wondering whether it may be available for next-gen consoles, which may be coming out shortly after the release of this game. While EA is working on next-gen projects, they do not currently intend to optimize Star Wars: Squadrons for next-gen consoles.

They may come across as a bit odd, if the latest rumors regarding the next-gen release dates are true. On social media, Roberto Serrano claimed to have details regarding the release dates. Given how he has had to correct himself in the past, it is best to take the details with a pinch of salt, as NotebookCheck.net put it.

According to Serrano, Microsoft will release the X-Box Series S on November 5 for $299, and then the X-Box Series X the very next day, November 6, for $499. Sony would then release its next-gen consoles a week later, on November 13. The Playstation 5 would be available for $499, and the Playstation 5 DE would be available for $399. If these prices end up being accurate, then Microsoft may have the upperhand with its X-Box Series S being the cheapest and coming out the soonest. With that one-week lead time, Microsoft would have the potential to amaze and astonish the gamer market to the point where word of mouth may be enough to sway some wallets in favor of an X-Box Series S rather than a PS5.

Of course, one could expect some consumers to meet somewhere in the middle by waiting a week to buy the Playstation 5 DE, which would be cheaper than the X-Box Series X and the normal Playstation 5, but more expensive than the X-Box Series S. It will really depend on how tight one’s budget is. With gaming culture being the way that it is, there are even bound to be some Sony loyalists who would buy a Playstation product regardless of whatever type of X-Box may be available. Console wars have gone on for a very long time, so there are sure to be some gamers who will champion one brand over the other without trying to compare them objectively, without the brand loyalty. Not every gamer is like that, but some of them have been and will continue to be when these new consoles release.

With all of these details in mind, it would seem that Star Wars: Squadrons is coming out a little more than a month before either of these consoles comes out, thus making it seem odd that there would be no plans to optimize it for either of the next-gen consoles. As such, the game seems more like a last hoorah for eighth gen Star Wars games. If you already have the eighth gen consoles for which Squadrons was specifically designed, then you could get it right away. If you are waiting to get a next-gen console, you would only have to wait a month, and these consoles would have backwards compatibility with the software that came directly before.

No matter what console you play it on, Star Wars: Squadrons is bound to spark some discussion among Star Wars gamers in terms of the gameplay and what the story adds to the overall lore. The Galactic Civil War is all too familiar of an era, so the story will really need to jump through some hoops in order to keep things interesting. If it ends up being fun enough, some gamers may be able to forgive whatever plot-related shortcomings it may end up having. Of course, we do not know everything about the game yet, so we will just have to wait and see how it plays out once it is released.
Source(s): NotebookCheck.net