Stars of DC's 'The Suicide Squad' Wish James Gunn A Happy Birthday Via Video

Best Movie on Twitter: "The Suicide Squad: il primo poster del cinecomic di  James Gunn รจ un tripudio di sangue e armi -…"

On the big screen, Suicide Squad has not had the best reputation. When this DC film came out in 2016, reception was generally negative. Live-action DC films were perceived in a negative light, especially in light of the then-recent release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Focusing on a team of “bad guys,” Suicide Squad was different from what the comic book movie audience normally got. It could have worked, but the execution just did not have a near-universal resonance. One could even argue that the best Suicide Squad movies are the animated films Batman: Assault on Arkham and Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, which are set in the Arkhamverse and the DC Animated Movie Universe, respectively.

More recently, Margot Robbie has reprised her role as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey, which is generally perceived as a step up. On top of that, we are getting another film titled The Suicide Squad, which is currently slated to be released August 6, 2021. Much of the excitement for this revamped iteration of the team is due to the involvement of Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn. When behind the scenes drama led to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 being in temporary limbo, Gunn signed on to direct The Suicide Squad, before being asked to return for the third volume of the much beloved Marvel property. Gunn has had a good track record with teams of comic book characters who are not very popular as far as the mainstream audience is concerned, so there are high hopes that Gunn will better the reputation of the Suicide Squad through his work. Filming wrapped at the end of February, and we have about a year to wait and see the finished results.

August 5 was James Gunn’s 54th birthday, and it did not go without any birthday wishes from the stars of the upcoming film. The official @SuicideSquadWB Twitter account released a minute-long video of the actors wishing Gunn a happy birthday, each from their own separate locations. All of the actors appear to be in good spirits, having fun with it and genuinely hoping that Gunn is having a good one.

While this may seem mundane on the surface, it might shine a light on the working relationships between these actors and the director. It appears that they have a good relationship with him, which would lead one to assume that everyone had good chemistry working on the set of the film. When it comes to film-making, it can be reassuring to know that all of the big names involved mesh really well together. It can be difficult to make a film when actors and directors are at odds with one another. It is not impossible to make a film under such conditions, but it definitely complicates matters. As far as The Suicide Squad goes, however, it appears that there are not really any such complications. People felt very put off when reports of Jared Leto’s attempts at “method acting” came out in the lead-up to the 2016 film. So far, there is a lack of negative press for this next film.

While The Suicide Squad is not quite guaranteed to get near-universal praise when it is released, the interactions from the actors may make one feel more enticed to see the film. It is still part of the DC Extended Universe, the reputation of which has been improving somewhat thanks to Wonder Woman and the films that have come out after 2017’s Justice League. Only time will tell what The Suicide Squad adds to that cinematic universe overall.
Source(s): The Direct