'Clone Wars': How Powerful Ahsoka Is Compared To Anakin

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When Ahsoka Tano was first introduced in The Clone Wars animated film, fans were initially nonplussed that Anakin Skywalker even had a Padawan. She even seemed to be potentially more exceptional than him, the Chosen One. Was she better than her Jedi mentor?


The character Ahsoka Tano was created by George Lucas and Dave Filoni as a way to double down on young Skywalker’s growing distrust of the Jedi Council. She is now one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe.

Ahsoka began as an animated character voiced by Ashley Eckstein. As her popularity grew, she made her way into other animated shows and novelizations. Fan endorsed Rosario Dawson has been cast to portray her in live-action form during the second season of The Mandalorian due out in October of this year. 

Lucas and Filoni had in mind a more extensive story arc for her almost from the start. They wanted to leverage her story as a way to give Anakin more reasons to turn away from the Jedi Council. Hesitant audiences soon changed their mind about the plucky young Togruta gal from Shili.


How do her abilities compare to Anakin’s? Anakin was, after all, the Chosen One. Even though most of us older guard despise the concept of midi-chlorians determining Force abilities, it is a concept that is here to stay. According to Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Anakin had the highest midi-chlorian count ever seen. It was higher than even Yoda’s.

In the Clone Wars series, Anakin observed that Ahsoka already possessed advanced abilities. He noted that his young Padawan’s raw, natural Force abilities were considerable. Ahsoka fought and survived her former Master. She went on to outlive Order 66 and became an integral part of the animated series, Star Wars Rebels.

Ahsoka was considered the most promising Padawan seen in a generation. She defeated not two but three Jedi killer MagnaGuards at the age of 14, before beginning her training under Anakin. She demonstrates several Force powers such as Force awareness, telekinesis, and mental manipulation, to name a few. Her abilities rival those of her Master. Though her accomplishments with them are not often compared to his.

All Jedi have attributes that help to distinguish them from their peers. Ahsoka has a close relationship with the living Force itself. She, too, receives visions from the Force in the form of dreams. Anakin experienced the same though, in his case, those dreams may have been warped by Palpatine. He also never specifically sought out the will of the Force in the same manner as his young charge. In fact, her connection to the Force grew only after she left the Jedi. 

While many know the Light and Dark Side of the force, Ahsoka represents a third kind. It is known as Balance. Her former Master was powerful and considered special. However, how special was he really? His mind was swayed to the Dark Side. 


Ahsoka is also one of the few characters to have updated her lightsabers more than a few times. Even rarer still, she prefers to fight in the Jar’Khai, or dual lightsaber, style. Her first kyber crystal was green, obtained from the planet Ilum. She created her second shoto blade and equipped it with a yellow-green kyber crystal from the same sacred planet.

After she left the Jedi Order, her Master updated her blades with blue kyber crystals. She received them just before the Siege of Mandalore. She eventually needed to abandon them after surviving Order 66 to complete faking her own death. She now carries two white kyber crystal powered lightsabers. She built these herself with crystals acquired from the defeat of an Inquisitor Sixth Brother. Her natural connection to the Force was strong enough that she was able to heal the crystals and restore them to their original white color. She then ultimately uses these against her former Master after his transition to the Dark Side.

Her duel against Darth Vader is most telling about who is potentially better. It took place at a Sith Temple where Vader presumably had the edge due to the strength of the Dark Side’s presence there. However, Ahsoka engaged Vader for a prolonged battle, getting Vader more than a few times. Note, she ultimately survived due to Ezra Bridger’s intervention.

Both Ahsoka and her former Master have many strengths and natural abilities. Both transcended the limits of the Jedi Order. Ultimately, Anakin used his gifts for evil. That should play into any consideration given to who is stronger with the Force. This fun debate will and should continue as more of Ahsoka Tano’s legend is fleshed out in Star Wars content to come. 

Source(s): Screenrant.com