Dark Rey's Lightsaber To Be Featured In 'Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection'

While the release of Insight Edition’s Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection by Daniel Wallace is still a month away (the release date being October 20), we have been seeing a fair amount of images from the book come out. This time, we are looking at the entry about Dark Rey’s lightsaber.

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Those who have seen Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker will remember when Rey encountered an image of a dark version of herself wielding a lightsaber with two red blades. Though the moment was very brief in the film, fans were shocked to see this in the marketing campaign for the film, and it brought Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber to mind. Some believed that Rey might turn to the dark side, while others were skeptical and guessed that this would be a vision or something of that ilk. The book itself mentions that this is a dark side vision, as we learned from the film.

Regardless of how “real” Dark Rey was, the lightsaber still got an entry in the book, given how interesting the design looks. This is the description included in the book:

“Rey grew up thinking of herself as nobody special, but Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker upends those assumptions by revealing her true heritage as the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine. Discovering her connection to the galaxy's most powerful Sith Lord gives Rey a crisis of faith, forcing her to grapple with the question of whether she is fated to follow a similarly dark path.

The most dramatic expression of Rey's inner conflict comes during her exploration of the Death Star's wreckage and manifests as a cracked-mirror duplicate of herself as an agent of evil. This dark side phantasm carries a double-bladed crimson lightsaber equipped with a unique swing hinge.

The metallic hilt's silver sheen is discolored by carbonized blackening around the emitter shrouds. Black rings break up the hilt's uneven surface. When folded in half, both blades can be ignited in parallel, and with the flick of a wrist, the hilt can swing fully open and lock into place as a saberstaff.”

Despite the lightsaber being part of a vision, there is a decent amount of detail that is sure to interest some readers. If one is to make a book about various lightsabers in Star Wars, then they might as well include this one since its design is so striking. In the greater narrative of the film, the vision of Dark Rey served to show that Rey was afraid of becoming evil, given the revelation that she is Sheev Palpatine’s granddaughter. Some may have been disappointed that there was not more of Dark Rey, but at least we have this entry about the vision. And anyway, it would not have made sense for Rey to have gone dark, given that the previous entries of the sequel trilogy did not build enough toward that direction. Having Rey go dark would have felt out of place. But of course, we will have this entry in The Lightsaber Collection.

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Source(s): Screen Rant