EA Reveals New 'Star Wars: Squadrons' Single Player Gameplay

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EA launches once more into our favorite galaxy far, far away with a new game title, Star Wars: Squadrons. This will release in October of this year. Players can choose to follow the heroes of the New Republic or the villains of the Galactic Empire. At Gamescom, a single-player preview was released featuring voice-over in-game dialogue work from Princess Leia and Narrative Producer Susanna Hunka.

Gameplay & Modes

At the start of the game, you will create two customizable pilots. One is for the freedom defending New Republic Squadron. The second character flies for the Galactic Empire’s vision of imperial order. Players will see just how the war unfolded, or unraveled, for both sides. You will also see what mission objectives mattered for both sides.

The Motive team worked with the Story Group at LucasFilm Ltd on the characters and storyline for several years. Squadron takes place a few months after the Battle of Endor. New Republic Squadron fighters are part of a newly forming interplanetary government. Those flying with the Galactic Empire are supporting a dying imperial regime in its last gasps of power. You can play with your friends in a squadron or engage with game bots.  You will compete in 5v5 dogfights and can compose your unit with any of the Starfighters.

Jo Berry worked on the game’s story. She says, “While we, the audience, know how all this ends, from our characters’ point of view there’s still a lot of uncertainty. The New Republic has only recently changed from a rebellion into a legitimate government with a galactic war on its hands. Meanwhile, the Empire has lost its Emperor, and the cracks are starting to show. Some Imperials are loyal, some are in denial, and while everyone agrees that the rebels must be destroyed, there are disagreements about what strategy to take—and who should lead.”

Players will have the opportunity to switch perspectives throughout the story between the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron and the Empire’s Titan Squadron. As a Vanguard Squadron team member, pilots are taking down the old guard Empire and attempting to build something new. The challenge will be to win the war while keeping the New Republic values intact. The Empire is down, but they are not out of the game yet.

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As a TIE fighter for the Galactic Empire, you and your fellow Titan Squadron members are being tested differently. As Berry was constructing the ‘Lawful Evil’ perspective, she says, “The question for those characters is always, “Why are you still at your post? Are you loyal to the ideals of the Empire, or to the squadron you serve with? What does being Imperial mean to you, and what are you willing to do to defend it?”

Image Credit: EA


Every mission starts in the briefing room with fellow squadron teammates. During the opening night preview, viewers caught a glimpse of an Imperial mission briefing with Admiral Rae Sloan, the highest-ranking Imperial Navy officer. Readers of the Aftermath trilogy and A New Dawn will surely recognize her name. Admiral Sloan gives Terisa Kerrill the mission objective, find and destroy Project: Starhawk. That secret project is a central plot of the overall game.

The opening sequence is narrated by Princess Leia herself. She drives home just how essential fighter pilots are to the New Republic and references the Battle of Yavin as proof. Fans were treated to another look at live-action styled Hera Syndulla, who was once again is shown issuing orders to the Republic pilots.



After the brief, the team takes off to a large assortment of both familiar and new battlefields across the galaxy. There are many known to be part of the game. Gas giant Yavin Prime in the Outer Territories is still a significant location. Its fourth moon was once home to a Rebel base.

New locations such as the shattered moon of Galitan within the Ringali Nebula is a new world with its own set of challenges. The nebula’s turbulent forces pulled the moon apart. It is an asteroid field full of still molten debris inside a beautiful nebula.


There are four starfighters within the New Republic’s hangar. They include the T-65 X-Wing, BTL Y-Wing Bomber, RZ 1 A-Wing Interceptor, and UT-60D U-Wing Support Craft. Full specs for each can be found on the game’s NewRepublic Starfighter page

The Imperial Hangar is also quite formidable with four ships of their own. They include the TIE/LN Fighter, TIE/SA Bomber, TIE/IN Interceptor, and TIE/RP Reaper. Full specs for each can be found on the Imperial Hangar page.

EA has had some success with their Star Wars games though that has not always been the case. Let’s not forget the microtransaction laden Battlefront II from 2017. This game may continue EA’s own redemption arc, which began with the well-received Jedi: Fallen Order by Respawn. Star Wars: Squadron looks to continue that streak. The game releases in October of this year and promises to be another exciting chapter of the Star Wars universe.

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