Hasbro Crowdfund of 'Razor Crest' From 'Star Wars: The Mandalorian'

The Razor Crest ship on The Mandalorian has become an iconic ship on its own. It is recognizable to many Star Wars fans. We got to see what went into making it via a recent mini-documentary from Industrial Light & Magic titled Inside ILM: Creating the Razor Crest. Now, it seems that even more of this ship will be made, in the form of toys.

Hasbro is crowdfunding a Razor Crest toy from its Vintage Collection, and the ship is priced at about $350. Currently, people can pre-order via HasLab, the Hasbro Pulse crowdsourcing platform. The goal of this campaign, which began on Friday, September 25, is to get 6,000 backers by the end of November 9, 2020. (This would be just a couple of weeks after the premiere of The Mandalorian season 2 on Disney+.) If that goal is reached, then these Razor Crest toys will be made, and shipping will begin around autumn 2021.

The ship will be 30 inches in length, 20 inches in width, and 10.5 inches in height when it sits on its landing gear. In addition to the ship, the offering will also include a 3.75 inch figure of The Mandalorian himself in Beskar armor with a soft goods cape. People just have to have the pilot of the ship so that he can be seated in the cockpit. That is right, the cockpit can open so that people can take a look at the detailed interior design.

By now, you may be wondering whether a figure of The Child may be included. As of now, there is no mention of The Child for this set, though it would be no surprise if there is eventually an announcement that he may be added. After all, The Child is such a fan favorite to viewers worldwide. It would only make sense to include a figure of him so that he may ride in the cockpit with The Mandalorian.

Ultimately, whether or not any of this comes to pass will depend on how many people end up showing their support for this project. It may be pricey to some consumers, but the attention to detail shows that those who end up paying for this are getting something really special. There would be a wait of about a year before any of this comes out, but some will be able to wait patiently knowing that all of this could be theirs. The Razor Crest and whatever comes with it would certainly make a fine addition to some collections.

All of this is a reminder that The Mandalorian is so popular as a series that it is able to result in the making of products such as what this campaign is offering. The series has joined other Star Wars stories in spawning toys and collectibles that are sure to please the fans who desire them. Star Wars has had a long history when it comes to merchandise that ties into its current projects, and this tradition is sure to continue in all sorts of forms.

The Mandalorian season 2 premieres on Disney+ on October 30. Pretty soon, we will get to see the Razor Crest in action on the screen again, and how it comes to be in the damaged state in which we see it in the recent teaser trailer. Hopefully the ship will not be gone for good, as it is fun to watch on the series. If it does, however, get destroyed on the show, people can at least own their own version of the ship via this Hasbro crowdfunding campaign. This is the way!

Source(s): CNET, Hasbro Pulse