Mace Windu Prequel Rumored To Be In Early Development

Image credit: Lucasfilm

In Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi may not be the only Jedi Master to get his own series. There is a rumor that a prequel series based on Mace Windu is in development.

The Rumor

Daniel RPK reported that Lucasfilm is looking to develop a prequel series focused on a young Mace Windu. The internet blew up with the confirmation about Obi-Wan’s series. The mere hint of a series for Mace Windu is already causing a similar stir. This show would focus on a younger Mace Windu. The project, if it moves forward, would cast a new young star in the role of Windu, and Samuel L. Jackson would still retain the part of the older, adult version of him.

Why This Series Makes Sense

It would make sense for Lucasfilm to focus on the backstories of other Jedi Masters featured in the prequel trilogy. We all know about how many of them met their demise. Many Masters have been discussed in subsequent books, but their origin stories have not yet been fully explored.

Mace Windu, as a character name, has been around from the beginning of Star Wars. The name appears in some of the earliest drafts of the movies. Lucas reintroduced him when he began to redefine what would happen in the prequel era. Sam Jackson’s casting as Windu was a stroke of brilliance. Jackson’s insistence on a purple lightsaber further solidified Windu’s uniqueness.

Ewan McGregor mused recently that the series based on his Obi-Wan would probably only be one season. Even if the Mace Windu series was to last for a similar length of time, it would be worth it. We, and definitely I, want to see more main characters of color in live-action. Creating this series, even if it is only for one season, would begin to fill that gap. Windu is, in my opinion, one of the coolest characters in the Star Wars universe. Anything more about him will be an exciting ride.

What We Already Know About Mace Windu

Some of Mace Windu’s backstory and adventures have been explored in a few Star Wars Expanded Universe novels. Two of these novels were written during the production of the prequel trilogy. These novels are now considered Legends, but they offer intriguing information about the character. When discussing Mace Windu’s character, the two most important novels to consider are Matthew Stover’s excellent Shatterpoint (2003) and his novelization of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005).

Shatterpoint was released in between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. The prologue to it was penned by George Lucas himself. In this novel, we understand more about Windu’s unique connection to the Force. He can sense “shatterpoints,” or fault lines that allow him to exploit his enemies’ weaknesses. He can see where these fault lines equate to another person’s vulnerabilities.

Windu perfected a unique fighting style called Vaapad, based on this exploitation. Vaapad practitioners flirt with the dark side to discover an opponent’s vulnerabilities. A Vaapad fighter touches the dark side anytime they enjoy the thrill of their battle. Windu was the only one who mastered this fighting style without going to the dark side.

Windu’s death was made all the more tragic for those of us who read these around the time of the release of Episode III in the theater. Though there are differences between the book and the movie, there are more details of Windu in the book version of Revenge of the Sith that gives his character exceptional depth and his death a tragic poignancy. Windu is so focused on Palpatine and his weakness, Anakin, that he fails to see the true shatterpoint of the Sith until it is too late for him.

In canon, we have seen a flashback to a young Mace Windu being trained by Jedi Master Cyslin Myr, a female Mirialan. Depending on when in Windu's life the series would take place, perhaps this aspect could be incorporated somehow. It would certainly make the comic miniseries feel a bit more connected to the canon.

Some of us sincerely hope that Lucasfilm finds value in developing Mace Windu’s backstory further. There are plenty more stories to tell about him. While a Jedi may not crave adventure, we mere mortals eagerly await further exploration of his life.

Source(s):  The Direct