Star Trek Day's 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Panel Promises A More Episodic Approach

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Series With Pike, Spock And Number One  Headed To CBS All Access –

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is something that a lot of fans are very much looking forward to seeing. When Star Trek: Discovery brought the franchise back to television after a 12-year absence from the small screen, some of the reception was mixed. For some, it was a breath of fresh air and innovative storytelling for the franchise. However, there were some who did not like that the show felt darker at certain points. There were fans who longed for something brighter and more hopeful.

Season 2 came around, and the fans were reintroduced to Spock (Ethan Peck), Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), and Number One (Rebecca Romijn). Mount’s portrayal of Captain Pike in particular became very popular, to the point where there were fans who wanted him to have his own show. The end of season 2 promised a new direction for the Discovery crew, Pike and his crew on the Enterprise went their own way. These iterations of the characters popped up again in Short Treks, but it did not end there. Eventually, we got an announcement that this version of the Enterprise would be getting its own series titled Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

During the Star Trek Day panel about Strange New Worlds, Anson Mount described how the news was broken to him. When Short Treks was being filmed, he talked to Star Trek franchise overseer Alex Kurtzman, wondering whether anything was being given to the fans other than just a few scenes. Two days later, Kurtzman called Mount and sounded like he was eating an apple. According to Mount, Kurtzman’s words were, “Hey, so, I think we got a show.” Ethan Peck described the similar call he got (sans apple) and how he, like Mount, was very surprised by the news.

Rebecca Romijn talked about how excited she was about the writers’ idea for Number One’s backstory. While she did not divulge any details, she seemed very happy with the direction that Strange New Worlds will be taking her character. One cannot help but be curious about what will be added to the character’s background.

During the panel, there was an emphasis on how the show would be episodic. This is an element that longtime Star Trek fans miss having in light of the more serialized modern Trek shows Discovery and Picard. It seems that the approach is to think of what message to convey within just one episode. Of course, there will still be character arcs that carry throughout the series. The characters will grow over time, not just revert to the status quo all the time. There was talk during the panel about how Star Trek has themes of optimism and a bright future where people of diverse backgrounds can make it. Anson Mount said that Star Trek “reflects what’s best about us.” After all, people in our world reach for the stars and hope that there is more to be done that can improve the world. Star Trek puts an emphasis on how humanity can become better than it currently appears to be, and that is what we need.

While there is currently no release date for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, it is nice to see the enthusiasm of the people involved. Knowing that the show is indeed coming at some point, fans who have been wanting to see more adventures with Captain Pike, Spock, and Number One have something to look forward to. The future seems to be bright as far as the expansion of Star Trek on television is concerned. If you would like to watch the full panel, it is available below: