Deluxe Edition Revealed for 'Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga' Video Game

The LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga video game is one of the most anticipated Star Wars games in quite a while. Given the mediocre reactions to the Battlefront remakes, it will be interesting to see the full details of the new Lego game in the saga. The latest LEGO Star Wars game was the one based on The Force Awakens, which generally received positive reviews overall. That means that once the new game releases in spring of 2021, players will be able to play Lego versions of The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker for the first time. Hopefully, the reaction to the Lego versions of those movies will be better than the reactions to the movies themselves.

It has been recently announced that The Skywalker Saga will officially have a deluxe edition. The game itself, both the normal version and the deluxe edition, are available for pre-order. As of right now, the basic version is $60, and the deluxe edition is $70.

As with any basic vs deluxe edition debate for any game, the questions always boil down to, "What is in the deluxe edition that makes it worth X amount of dollars more?" Players should always do their research to see if they want whatever else is being offered, and also whether those additions will come out as free DLC later, as is what happened with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Many players are enticed by the higher price tag, hoping that the game will have amazing features. Oftentimes, however, the extra money is for purely cosmetic additions, or game modes that most players will never touch.

So is the new LEGO Star Wars game different? What does each player get for that extra ten bucks on top of an already expensive game?

It appears that this might be the case. For the deluxe edition, players will receive a minifigure of Luke Skywalker holding a carton of the iconic blue milk, and six DLC packs in a character collection bundle:
  • The Mandalorian Pack 1
  • The Mandalorian Pack 2
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Classic Characters
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The Luke minifigure is a cute idea (though anyone who pre-orders for PC obviously won't be getting one), but it is the other features that are the real question. There is always a risk with anything like that, both for players who do get it, and ones that do not. If you do, there is the risk of it coming out later for free. If you do not, there is the risk of it coming out later for more than the ten dollars it would cost to get it in the first place. At the moment, it seems like the DLC gets you more than just "you can have a red outfit now" that we've seen in other games. The packs include some of the more beloved Star Wars media in recent memory, such as The Mandalorian and Rogue One. The Mandalorian alone might make it worth it for a lot of players.

The game is currently available for pre-order, but we will not get to play it for at least another six to seven months. Currently, the base game is on sale at Amazon for 49.94. The deluxe edition is currently not discounted. Who knows how long that will be the case. The price for the normal edition could go back up to normal very soon. No discount is forever.

Overall, it appears to be personal preference as to whether or not the deluxe edition is worth it. It appears to be more substantial than just cosmetic changes to a few characters, or something minor enough to get amusement from players for a few minutes. For fans who are not interested, there is sill more than enough Star Wars to go around. Between two new movies Lego-ized (if you will) and almost 500 characters to play, you will not get cheated either way given the vast experience.

Source(s): Gamespot