'Star Wars': Check Out Polaroid's 'The Mandalorian' Edition Camera

With the popularity of the Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian and season 2 approaching ever closer, we have seen a rise in merchandise related to the show. Another notable product of that sort was revealed by Polaroid last week. This is a limited edition The Mandalorian Polaroid Now camera. Making a nice companion piece for this is the instant film that contains imagery related to The Child, complementing the Din Djarin imagery that comes with the package. The camera itself has the title of the series, as well as the Mythosaur skull symbol.

Buy the camera priced at about $120 here: https://amzn.to/2G1EV7D

Buy the film priced at about $18 here: https://amzn.to/33fkIUB

Those who are huge fans of analog cameras may be just as happy to see this product as fans of classic rock are to see vinyl editions of albums from their favorite artists. Plus, those who did not have the opportunity to use analog cameras growing up may now have their chance with this product. After all, what better way to get into analog cameras than with one that is Star Wars themed?

Polaroid’s chief marketing officer, Marta Martinez, spoke with StarWars.com about the camera and The Mandalorian:

“We knew that the Mandalorian culture in the Star Wars universe has a rich heritage with strong traits we needed to bring to life in our world. A lot of time was spent trying to find the essence of the Mandalorian aesthetic, specifically around their armor and beskar steel. The chosen color palette comes not from the materials themselves but the reflections in the Outer Rim landscapes.

For example, the Mandalorian’s helmet is silver but under the Arvala-7 sky, the metal looks warm instead of cool. To bring that beautiful cinematography to life in the real world, we developed new techniques to add a warm metallic finish to the body of the Polaroid Now camera and used dark red elements for the accents to complement the design.”

Martinez talked about how important it was to have The Child imagery to add a playful contrast to the imagery that is more related to The Mandalorian:

“Part of bringing to life the playfulness of the Child comes from the fact that you don’t know what frame you will get with your picture. Our team of designers developed 12 unique frames, with eight included in each pack of film. The colors of the frames once again are inspired by the commanding landscapes of the Outer Rim worlds.

Of course, after you load the film you will get a unique collectible “dark slide.” Our dark slides protect the sensitive instant film from light exposure and each pack of the Child-inspired film contains one of the eight unique dark slide designs. These Easter eggs were created as a subtle quest for Polaroid photographers to bring their own bounty hunt to life.”

In some ways, The Mandalorian feels like a throwback show for Star Wars. Being set five years after the original trilogy, it makes sense for certain settings to feel like they were filmed in the 1970s or 1980s. The episode in which Din Djarin climbs a sandcrawler may remind some of the sandcrawler level in the 1992 video game Super Star Wars. Plus, one can imagine the imagery from some of the season 1 marketing as cover art for Expanded Universe books from the 1990s. This Polaroid camera continues to add to the nostalgia as The Mandalorian and various things relating to it feel like a trip down memory lane. Be sure to get this limited edition camera if you are keen on making memories with it!

Source(s): StarWars.com