'Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge' Teaser Trailer And Details Drop

This has been quite a busy week for Star Wars marketing. On Monday, we got the short film “Hunted,” which showcased an X-wing pilot and a TIE fighter pilot within the world of EA’s upcoming game Star Wars: Squadrons, which will be released October 2. On Tuesday, we finally got the trailer for season 2 of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, which will be premiering on October 30. Then on Wednesday, ILMxLab released a teaser trailer for Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, which is set to come out for the Oculus Quest this holiday season.

With so many people unable to go to Galaxy’s Edge at the Disney Parks, people have had the option if revisiting Batuu vicariously by reading about it in books and comics that were released a while back. Now, this VR experience will provide another gateway into that world. Batuu has become as much a part of the Star Wars galaxy as a planet like Naboo, I would argue. It feels very Star Wars, and when people are there, they know that it is Star Wars. The teaser trailer is available below:

While this new footage only lasts for about half a minute, it does enough to key gamers in on at least one era that will be visited. C-3PO and R2-D2 appear to be stranded, and the protocol droid mentions that he is a Resistance spy. This points to some of this game taking place in the sequel trilogy era. Since Artoo is not shut down, this game would have to take place between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. As is to be expected, Anthony Daniels voices Threepio. The two droids appear to make new allies and even encounter Kowakian monkey-lizards.

However, it turns out that this game will explore more than just that era. Speaking with StarWars.com, director Jose Perez III revealed that this game will be able to touch on multiple eras thanks to a character telling tales within the game:

“So we developed a structure for our story to fictionally support the idea of jumping between different eras in the Star Wars galaxy. That’s where Seezelslak and his tales come in. He tells such great stories, you will literally be transported to other places and eras as you live out these adventures first hand. This structure allows us to play with different mechanics and tones as we dig into future tales.”

It was also revealed that Yoda will be featured in the game. Perez could only provide a little bit of information regarding the inclusion of the Jedi Master:

“In Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, when you stand next to Yoda, THE Jedi Master, it is powerful and a little heartwarming. I’m super stoked for all the fans to experience that.”

The inclusion of Yoda opens up many possibilities. We know that he lived to be 900 years old before dying in Return of the Jedi. We also know that he will be appearing in The High Republic publishing project, which is set 200 years before The Phantom Menace. Purely speculating, one can only wonder at this point whether we may see a tale set in the High Republic era. Then again, the image of Yoda provided on the StarWars.com interview page does not look very different from the CGI Yoda we have seen in the prequel trilogy. Perhaps the game might not go too far back into the timeline, but we could be in for a surprise. In any case, gamers are in for an immersive experience once this VR game becomes available for them to play.

Source(s): StarWars.com