'Star Wars' Unveils Posters Depicting Iconic Planets From The Films

In just a few months, it will have been a year since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's release, and it seems hard to believe that we will not be seeing another Star Wars film for at least another three years. 

However, this is the perfect time to be branching out into other Star Wars media and properties. With the new video game Star Wars: Squadrons set to be released on October 2 (in just a month!), and the second season of The Mandalorian just around the corner, the wait will not be long for more Star Wars content. And in the meantime, StarWars.com has unveiled new limited run posters that are available now. 

The first three posters by artist PhaseRunner depict iconic ships arriving at memorable planets from the Star Wars films. In an interview with StarWars.com, PhaseRunner said the following about his pieces and the inspiration for them: 
“The inspiration for my Dagobah, Mustafar, and Tatooine pieces came from those iconic moments you see in each episode, where a pilot approaches a new strange and wonderful looking planet, particularly Luke’s first decent into Dagobah. I find the planets in the Star Wars galaxy vivid and rich in color, especially when contrasted against the blackness of space. They felt magical, and sometimes a little ominous. I wanted to echo this in my artwork.”

 The first poster, Dagobah M-19, depicts the scene described in the quote above, when Luke's X-Wing descends upon the strange planet Yoda inhabits in The Empire Strikes Back. 

PhaseRunner said this when describing his process for designing this piece:
"For Dagobah I aimed to capture that enigmatic earthy vibe seen in The Empire Strikes Back; the wispy fog-like green that seems to seep into every corner of the planet. I wanted you to feel that uncertainty as Luke’s X-wing approaches the planet’s horizon."

The second poster, Mustafar L-19, depicts the fiery lava planet which plays host the climax of the prequel trilogy in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

In regards to this piece, PhaseRunner had this to say:

"Mustafar presented different opportunities, like whether to include the nearby gas giant Jestefad in the background, but ultimately I felt it took away from the relatively small but hellish planet. I enjoyed detailing rivers of lava and solar flare-like atmosphere."

The final poster, Tatooine R-16, showcases perhaps the most iconic planet in all of Star Wars, Tatooine. The saga begins and ends here, on a modest, sparse desert planet in the Outer Rim.

PhaseRunner spoke about the most important parts of this piece, saying:

"Tatooine was all about capturing the iconic Millennium Falcon approaching the planet where it all started for a lot of us. Because Tatooine has two suns and three moons, I had a bit of a dilemma in choosing what to include and ultimately landed on what you see, again coming back to what best represents the movies. It was such a privilege to paint this planet knowing how much it means to so many people, including myself."

In addition to the three planet posters, artist Joe Hogan designed this exclusive Ahsoka Tano print titled A Padawan's Journey as a tribute to his favorite character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He spoke about how meaningful the series is to him and how impactful its been in his art journey, saying:

The Clone Wars series debuted during a time in my life that I was very uncertain about who I was as an artist, despite knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to create Star Wars art. I was already a huge fan of Star Wars since childhood, but was still struggling to find my voice after graduating art school in 2008. A few months later, the first episode, 'Ambush' debuted, and the art style — combined with classic George Lucas Star Wars storytelling — heavily inspired me so much to keep working towards my goal of one day becoming a Star Wars artist.”

PhaseRunner's three widescreen lithographs measure 36x12 inches and are available on DarkInkArt.com and AcmeArchivesDirect.com for $45 each. Joe Hogan's Ahsoka print, measuring 18x24 inches, is likewise available on the two websites for $45. 

These are limited runs, so get them while you can!

Source(s): The Direct, StarWars.com