Tatiana Maslany Has Been Cast As She-Hulk For Marvel's Disney+ Series

The the halting of productions, there has not been a whole lot going on with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in quite a while. We got announcements of upcoming films and shows for Phase 4, and we were supposed to get Black Widow in May and then Eternals in November. But of course, everything had to be pushed back in light of the pandemic. However, things have been moving, slowly but surely. Marvel Studios’ live-action Disney+ shows are still in various stages of being made. These include The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk. For She-Hulk in particular, it appears that we now have casting news.

On Thursday, September 17, Deadline reported that Marvel Studios has found its star for the She-Hulk series that is being developed for Disney+. After bringing on Kat Coiro to direct, it seems that Marvel has cast Tatiana Maslany in the titular role of She-Hulk / Jennifer Walters. Furthermore, Deadline reported that Rick and Morty writer Jessica Gao has been brought into the writers’ room.

Tatiana Maslany is perhaps best known for her many roles in the science fiction thriller TV show Orphan Black, in which she portrayed multiple clones. While they looked similar, they had different styles and personalities, and Maslany was able to make each of these characters feel very different from each other. Her performances did not feel identical; she really had range, proving how suitable she can be for many roles.

Shortly after the Deadline announcement, Mark Ruffalo, who has portrayed Bruce Banner / the Hulk in the films, posted the following tweet:

For those unaware, Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner’s cousin. In the comics, she gets an emergency blood transfusion from Bruce, which turns her into She-Hulk. Unlike what we are used to seeing with the Hulk, She-Hulk is able to keep displaying the personality of Jennifer Walters. So her condition is not as out of control as Banner’s has been before.

With the tweet from Ruffalo, one cannot help but wonder whether Ruffalo may appear as Bruce Banner within the series, and just how big of a role he may have if he does appear. In much of the other announced Disney+ shows, actors from the films are set to reprise their roles, so it would not be too much of a stretch to think that Bruce Banner could appear on the series. It would be another good way of strengthening the connection between the TV shows and the films, something that has been iffy with various Marvel shows that aired prior to the existence of Disney+.

For fans of Marvel and the MCU, this is a very exciting time. Hulk-related stories have not been as big of a focus in the live-action format this side of the millennium. However, we can expect the She-Hulk TV series to make a huge splash. Slowly but surely, the MCU has been expanding its scope to explore less popular characters within the Marvel Comics catalog. Whenever the show comes out, it could prove to be quite a satisfying story. Given the people who are involved and how successful Marvel Studios has been with the bulk of its content, this show will probably please lots of viewers. Even though we are living in a period of time during which we have to wait for a lot of this content to be released, it may be very well worth the wait. All that we have to do for now is to be patient, and it will all pay off. For now, many are excited about what is to come in the future.

Source(s): Deadline