'The Mandalorian' Season 2 Gets Premiere Date And Logo Featuring The Child

The Mandalorian Season 2 Teaser Image
“This is the day” is a caption that was a bit confusing at first to some who saw it on Star Wars social media. It is a fun pun playing on the quote "This is the way." At first glance, it might lead a casual observer to believe that season 2 of The Mandalorian dropped today. Of course, this is not the case. Rather, the caption refers to the official announcement of the season 2 premiere date, which has now been revealed to be October 30.

We have known for a while that the show would come out in October, with some reports saying that October 7 would be the specific release date. However, we now know that the season 2 premiere date is not as soon as expected. Still in October, but toward the end of it rather than early in the month. At first glance, this release date may seem odd, given that it is the day before Halloween. However, it is not too far away from mid-November, which is when season 1 premiered (specifically on November 12, the Disney+ launch date last year). Disney+ knows how well some of November has worked in the past, so it is no surprise that much of season 2 would be throughout November.

A benefit of this release date is that it gives room for the upcoming video game Star Wars: Squadrons to be the center of the overall Star Wars conversation. The game comes out October 2, and as great as it looks, it is possible that The Mandalorian would have dominated the conversation had it been released a few days afterward. With LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga having been pushed back to spring 2021, Star Wars: Squadrons will definitely have four weeks of breathing room during which it can take the spotlight. Last year, the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order came out November 15, merely three days after The Mandalorian premiered. Both the game and the show were fantastic, but some fans felt that there was a bit too much new Star Wars going on simultaneously, especially with the marketing for The Rise of Skywalker going on. So it feels really smart to space out the release dates this time around.

Another thing to note is that the season 2 premiere date announcement was accompanied by a version of The Mandalorian logo that includes The Child, also nicknamed “Baby Yoda” by the fans. By this time, everyone knows of The Child, being the cultural phenomenon that he was. Many people around the world have seen the memes even if they have not watched the show, so it is not really a spoiler to include The Child in the marketing for this upcoming season. Plus, it makes sense, given how central to Din Djarin’s story The Child is. After all, The Child made Din Djarin second-guess his purpose, and he now wishes to do right by The Child and try to bring him to his kind. Whether that ends up being his species or the Jedi is anyone’s guess at the moment, but The Child clearly feeds into the myth arc of the series. Plus, seeing the two characters side by side in the logo is just heartwarming. We have seen how much they have been through on their adventures, and how much Din Djarin cares about The Child. The bounty hunter would protect him at all costs, as many of us would.

Given that it is early September, the end of October may seem far away even though we are now closer than ever before. Just hang in there, fellow Star Wars fans. Season 2 is almost here for us to watch!

Source(s): The Direct